CORQ Team Subscription: what’s included in your annual package


If you are in the business of influencer marketing and content creation, the chances are you’ve never been busier – and that’s not about to change. So, how do you keep your whole team ahead of the competition, nailing pitches and proactively generating ideas to take your brand to the next level? CORQ’s Team Subscription. Not only does it deliver the most important influencer news and campaigns straight to you, it gives you trends, insights, curations of must-watch talent and key insights on what’s happening on the social platforms themselves, from algorithm changes to new features.

It’s a constant source of need-to-know information that makes sure nobody falls behind. Sound good? Here’s what’s included…

  • NEW: a free paperback copy of award-winning business book INFLUENCE: How Social Media Influencers Are Shaping Our Digital Future, written by CORQ CEO and founder Sara McCorquodale and published by Bloomsbury in 2021.

  • The Influencer Update: a weekly news drop which details the most crucial influencer news from the past seven days across fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, travel and culture. Only here will you find the latest influencer controversies, the most interesting influencer-led projects, milestone events such as engagements, career changes and home renovations which are key moments to form partnerships and get a sense of how fast influencer culture is moving. This is the must-read report for anyone who needs influencer intell to stay on top of who to work with next – and why. Check out an edition of The Update here.

  • The Regional Update: a bi-weekly news drop for members who are keen to avoid getting stuck in the London influencer bubble. Get the latest news on influencers who embody the values of their communities across the UK plus find out about their latest new projects, opportunities and controversies. Check out an edition of The Regional Update here.

  • Weekly Influencer Hotlists: this is the gold dust that only CORQ journalists can create. Thanks to their constant research and reporting on the influencer space, they understand who is about to move from emerging to star status and everything in between. When it comes to recommending talent, our Hotlist not only gives you the need-to-know names, it details why they are so perfect for campaigns now taking into account a wider cultural and digital agenda.

  • Campaign roundup: there are hundreds of thousands of influencer activations everyday but with this weekly report our journalists curate and showcase the best work. Not only does this let you see how your competition is approaching influencer marketing, it spotlights smaller indie campaigns in which emerging talents shine. See a CORQ campaign roundup here.

  • TikTok news, trend and talent report: its the fastest-moving social platform in the game and only going to become more important to brands as establishing social commerce becomes ever more crucial. It’s also unbelievably fascinating. But don’t take our word for it – in our weekly TikTok report, you’ll find out why TikTok has hit the headlines in the past seven days, emergent movements happening on the platform and the trends that have drove the everything in that time. You’ll also get a talent list to influencers to watch – from Gen Z beauty geniuses to Gen X speed cleaners, and everything in between – and a track listing of the music that’s soundtracked the videos that have gone viral. Say hello to a TikTok report by CORQ’s journalists here.

  • Weekly influencer and content trends: our journalists analyse and report on the most impactful content trends across Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Clubhouse and TikTok. Not only do we take a careful look at emerging formats brands should jump on now, but our journalists also evaluate how these are changing the face of each social platform. When it comes to successful publishing on social media and influencer marketing, the key is understanding what’s relevant, why and where your brand fits in. CORQ’s reports help you tick every box.

  • The Newsfeed: social platforms are continually updated and understanding how to utilise them in the best possible way is imperative. Especially now that you may find yourself working across projects which include everything from launching podcasts on Spotify to creating a global campaign on Instagram. Newsfeed is a weekly report which delivers the crucial developments in digital to you, so that you can plan campaigns and run each of your platforms with an informed view of what’s happening next. Check out an edition of The Newsfeed here.

  • Brand Briefings: CORQ weekly online event series featuring an exclusive line-up of editors, creatives and key voices in the media. Through these online half-hour events, you’ll hear how the biggest and most culturally relevant publications have changed post-pandemic, the kind of content their audiences care about now, the brand opportunities for partnerships and press and tips for ensuring your products get featured. You’ll also get access to our archive of sessions from 2020 (see our autumn/winter 2020 listings here). Check out our talk with Sonia Haria – Beauty Director of The Telegraph – for a taste of our industry insight sessions and see our latest programme here.

  • CORQ Education: a series of masterclasses hosted by CORQ founder Sara McCorquodale including a foundation influencer marketing training course, our ASA guidelines seminar helping you understand what regulations there are around working with influencers commercially and our session on influencer risk mitigation. Launching March 2021.