Daily Digital Upskilling

Daily digital upskilling for businesses in the social media age

Digital upskilling is a daily, self-directed practice.

The punishing pace of the digital landscape – not to mention modern consumer expectations – means marketing, communications and media professionals are under constant pressure to refresh their knowledge. The alternative is outsourcing or burning through recruitment budget to plug every new skills gap. Equipping colleagues to embrace digital transformation is essential for business success, employee retention and fulfilling DEI commitments.

Digital shifts can reshape entire industries. CORQ is the upskilling partner that keeps pace with the online environment to ensure your employees are developing everyday.

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What’s included

CORQ. Digital Upskilling

CORQ offers businesses a modern, continuous approach to digital upskilling. Here’s what’s included in your membership:

  • Weekly webinars updating core skills, introducing new digital strategies and role modelling sessions with insightful guest speakers.
  • Daily learning materials produced by journalists detailing the most relevant online trends, data analysis and crucial shifts.
  • Daily newsletters breaking down resources into actionable insights and examples of high performing digital work from the past 24 hours.

Users can access a full library of learning materials and view webinars on demand when they are unable to attend live events.

All CORQ resources are available 24/07 via our dedicated platform and if you would like to go deeper, the CORQ team can develop webinars, learning materials and live learning sessions for your team.

We can also work with your People team to raise awareness of CORQ as an on demand resource available to your workforce.

CORQ’s upskilling programme leads to successful, inclusive self-directed learning. Our continuous flow of resources and webinars mean employees can develop via the media format that best suits them.

Daily interaction with new ideas ensures digital transformation is possible as the entire workforce is on a learning journey that feels individual, but is coming from one provider.

Foundation digital knowledge is essential but not enough to transform and upskill a workforce. Understanding the fast-moving currents on social platforms and how these are opportunities for business is the thing that propels base learning into action.

CORQ’s programme engages learners through news-driven, bitesize, multi-media resources which keep pace with the digital environment. As specialists in the creator economy, nobody understands the daily rhythm of digital better than us. Our approach creates empowered learners who have the knowledge and skills to make progress happen.