CORQ Enterprise Package

CORQ's Enterprise package is the ultimate toolkit for influencer marketing, designed to drive social commerce, uncover the latest influencer talent and deliver superior data analysis. The influencer industry is an ever-evolving space and CORQ combines dynamic technology with daily intelligence and tailored consultative services to keep our subscribers ahead of their competition.

CORQ is a game-changer for anyone working in media, marketing and communications. Subscribers get full access to our unique platform which includes influencer discovery and due diligence, daily trend forecasting, exclusive news, campaign reporting technology and campaign planning consultancy. CORQ takes the heavy thinking and time drain out of influencer marketing so that you can get on with producing incredible campaigns. Are you ready to transform your business?

See how our package can work for you

Self-Serve Influencer Discovery & Due Dilligence

CORQ’s platform is home to our essential curated influencer database. Each influencer has been researched by our journalists and selected based on the quality of their content, relevancy to their demographic and the engagement of their audience. Our influencer selection is completely unbiased – we make no revenue from influencer campaigns which allows us to focus on our main objective: surfacing the best influencers for our clients. Every CORQ influencer profile includes key information about their journey – from their academic and professional background, to red flags and controversies, to the details that make their stories so compelling.

Rapid Influencer Discovery Service

You’ve got a brief. You’ve got CORQ’s platform. The one thing you don’t have is time? Don’t worry – Enterprise subscribers can send us their influencer campaign briefs and our journalists will send back lists of creators who meet their criteria. We’ll also research off-platform to ensure we present you with the talent that really meets your requirements. And, if there are any trends we think your campaign could be pinned to, we’ll send you our analysis with details on how your brand could interpret it.

Key Data Analysis

You’ll find influencers’ publishing and engagement rates across every social platform in their CORQ profiles, as well as a breakdown of their audience demographics. Alongside this, we map their social ecosystem which details the influencers they collaborate with and interact with on a regular basis. Lastly, we showcase their most engaged content over different time periods so that you can see exactly what their audience responds to most and factor this into your campaigns.

Bespoke Research

Need skincare influencers for a TikTok campaign? Or perhaps you’re looking for the next big Gen Z YouTuber? CORQ’s editorial team can be commissioned to research everything from specific trends to developing digital platforms to influencers whenever Enterprise subscribers need support. Our bespoke reporting has informed everything from global TikTok campaigns to internal brand communications.

Campaign Reporting

Understanding who drives audience engagement, click-through and conversion for brands has never been more important thanks to the acceleration of e-commerce adoption since 2020. CORQ’s campaign reporting – powered by software company Dyzio – allows you to track campaigns in real time, save the content generated and create a range of shareable in-depth reports at the click of a button.

24 Hour Influencer News

CORQ’s exclusive news blast - The Daily Hook - is a curation of the most important influencer headlines and campaigns from the past 24 hours, direct to your inbox. This includes major controversies emerging around influencers on social platforms, the latest influencer project, engagement, wedding and pregnancy announcements, and details about ASA regulation breaches.

Case Studies & Campaign Analysis

Crucial intelligence to keep you up to date with the most impactful influencer campaigns and strategies. Our journalists interrogate the digital landscape to understand how challenger brands are growing at breakneck speed via influencer content and social channels. We also compile the most interesting influencer campaigns across every social platform each week. See what your competition is doing as well as indie brands winning fans with their fresh approach.

ASA Regulation Insights

Influencer marketing is under ever-increasing scrutiny from the Advertising Standards Agency. What does this mean? Serious regulations and action against brands and influencers who do not take notice and follow its guidelines. Never slip up with CORQ’s ASA regulation insights, from case studies to the latest updates to our hour-long interactive seminar which breaks down the dos and don’ts of working with influencers into ten bitesize videos. Find out more here – this masterclass can be bought separately or comes as part of your Consultant subscription.

Daily Trend Reports

Our journalists analyse, report on and forecast the most impactful content trends across Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok. Not only do we take a careful look at emerging formats brands should jump on now, but we also evaluate how these are changing the face of each social platform and where they will go next. When it comes to successful publishing on social media and influencer marketing, the key is understanding what’s relevant, why and where your brand fits in. CORQ’s trend reports help you tick every box.

Tech News

Social platforms are continually updated and understanding how to utilise them in the best possible way is imperative. Especially now that you may find yourself working across projects which include everything from launching podcasts on Spotify to creating a global campaign on Instagram. CORQ’s weekly tech report delivers the crucial developments in digital to you, so that you can plan campaigns and run each of your platforms with an informed view of what’s happening next.

Brand Briefings

CORQ’s online event series featuring an exclusive line-up of editors, creatives and key voices in the media. Through these half-hour interactive sessions, you’ll hear how the biggest and most culturally relevant publications and people have changed post-pandemic, the content their audiences care about now, the brand opportunities for partnerships and coverage and tips for ensuring you get featured. You’ll also get access to our archive of sessions and can watch back all recordings if you can’t make live events.