CORQ. Influencer Marketing Platform

Deliver data-driven influencer marketing supported by research and analysis from an expert team of journalists and researchers.

Look. We’re gonna level with you, there are a lot of influencer marketing platforms out there. And most of them will give you important (but not very innovative) information around things like follower demographics, or vague and unsubstantiated claims of ‘AI’ algorithmic data.

Sounds good. But is it going to help you elevate your influencer marketing strategy? For a human-based channel, we’ve seen the industry move further and further away from the humans who run it. Instead, we look at spreadsheets of numbers. CORQ.’s influencer marketing platform is changing that.

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What’s included

Boring (but important) stuff first. Our easy-to-use influencer marketing platform is going to give you all of the core data you need. Engagement rates? You got it. Likes? Of course. Posting frequency? Naturally. 

When you’re deciding whether or not an influencer is the right fit for your brand, you need to understand what their most engaged content looks like and you have to know where their audience lives, what age they are and what gender. But is this foundational information going to set the influencer marketing world alight? Probably not. More importantly, does it give you the full story behind any particular creator? Absolutely not.

Here’s where our platform deviates from many others on the market. We believe that all the data in the world can’t overtake the importance of an influencer’s narrative. After all, who they are is why we follow them, and why they’re so crucial for brands who want to connect with consumers. It’s not they’re follower count or their engagement rate that consumers care about, so it can’t be the be-all and end-all for brands either. 

For every influencer profile on the CORQ. influencer marketing platform, we include the context behind that influencer. Did they recently get married? Do they have any skeletons in their closet? What controversies might catch you out and what opportunities do you stand to miss? These are the points that separate simple data-driven influencer marketing from contextual influencer marketing, and the points that make all the difference for consumers. 

Who likes spreadsheets? No one. Or mostly no one. (We all know someone, right?) But when it comes to reporting on your influencer marketing campaigns, manually filling in spreadsheets always feels unavoidable. 

But with the CORQ. platform, powered by Dyzio, you have access to real-time updates for all of your campaigns, directly within the platform. Check your KPIs, download your IGC, and generate a range of in-depth analytical reports, all at the click of a button.

Set influencer rosters are so 2020. While most agencies and even some brands will stick with a designated lineup of influencers, CORQ.’s approach is to provide you with the tools and information you need to hand pick the most suitable influencers on a case by case basis. 

Search for look-alikes of influencers you already know you like, or step into something entirely fresh with the ability to filter our influencer discovery by all of the typical factors such as audience demographics, audience sizes and regions, as well as by the niche or interest you’re trying to target.

Influencer generated content isn’t only valuable for the brand or the influencer behind it. With the right eye, you can glean priceless information from an influencer’s posts. 

No two audiences are the same, so understanding which content formats, styles and approaches engender the best response from each influencer’s specific audience is essential to driving great results. That’s why you’ll find the best performing posts for every one of the 15,000+ influencers we list directly on their profiles.

Once you’ve determined which influencers are going to work best for you, you can add them to your personalised on-platform workspace. 

Share with your team, make notes, track individual influencers’ performance, and download contact details en masse; all of those annoying little steps that come with collating and monitoring your influencer marketing efforts are made that bit less painful with our intuitive workspace tool.