The Weeknd spotify

Spotify isn’t perfect but Wrapped is an incredible Christmas campaign

For Spotify’s 320million monthly active users, it’s that time of the year again. The app has blessed us with its annual highly-anticipated music roundup, Wrapped. And for those unfamiliar with the concept, the popular digital feature gives users personal insights into their listening history from the past 365 days, highlighting our most-streamed songs, artists, genres

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Nicole Crentsil Share The Mic campaign

The lowdown on #ShareTheMic’s origins, success and purpose

To mark the beginning of Black History Month, a group of notable Black women – entrepreneurs, activists, journalists and creatives – took over the Instagram accounts of high-profile non-Black women, including the likes of A-list celebrities Kourtney Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooke Shields and Alexa Chung. Aiming to both magnify and spotlight black female voices, #ShareTheMic was originally

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Filter Drop beauty campaign

#FilterDrop: under the skin of the honest beauty campaign calling for realness

In June 2020, Sasha Louise Pallari shared a video of her smooth, glowy, Insta-perfect skin, before removing the filter to show how it hid her natural texture and imperfections. The makeup artist and model was inspired to film the clip after noticing an undisclosed influencer with over 300K followers advertising a global makeup brand while wearing a beautifying filter.

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Blackout Bestsellers List: inside the movement driving book sales

As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to gather pace and influence, the call for systemic change and reform within a plethora of industries is dominating conversation like never before. This week, the publishing industry is playing its part with a new initiative, #BlackoutBestsellerList and #BlackPublishingPower. Launched by Tracy Sherrod, the editorial director of Amistad Press,

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