Two weeks of Twitter in its Elon Musk era: fake verification, messy u-turns and new features for lols

It’s been two weeks since billionaire Elon Musk purchased Twitter and as expected, there’s been absolute chaos. Even for chronically online people, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with Musk – AKA the “Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator” – and his antics, from the mass layoffs to suspending parody accounts to U-turns on product launches.  What’s

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Burberry’s Minecraft project is a logical innovation but its social audience is not convinced

Luxury brand Burberry launched its collaboration with video game Minecraft, which will consist of both a physical capsule collection inspired by the game, in-game adventures and real world experiences. But as many of Burberry’s followers commented on its Instagram announcement, “what does this have to do with clothing?” It’s an innovative partnership, but what’s the point? This is becoming

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Marks & Spencer’s virtual influencer Mira leaves consumers confused about what the retailer stands for

Brands have made bold, experimental moves into the metaverse throughout 2022, but it’s become increasingly clear consumers aren’t always ready for these innovations. Case in point: the customer backlash to Marks & Spencer’s new virtual influencer, Mira. The retailer isn’t the first business to introduce virtual ambassadors (see PrettyLittleThing and Prada) but it is a

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