Millennial vs Gen Z TikTok: two starkly different digital cultures

There are a few ways to spot a millennial, from their side parts to skinny jeans, obsession with avocado toast and calling dogs “doggos.” But on TikTok, it’s more obvious than that.  Every social media platform was all once ruled by millennials but since TikTok’s inception, it’s been Gen Z’s playground, with 60% of users

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TikTok needs to step up to stop the erasure of Black content creators

Black creators on TikTok have repeatedly been erased from the app’s mainstream cultural narrative since its release and it’s a problem the platform needs to address now. Just a couple of weeks ago, a clip of TikTok star Addison Rae performing eight popular dances on The Tonight Show Starring went viral. It’s a very awkward

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Two YouTubers are running to be Mayor of London in the 2021 election

If you’ve been following coverage of the upcoming elections for London’s next Mayor, you might think the candidacy of Piers Corbyn – yes, Jeremy’s brother – is the story. Or that the newsworthy candidate is Laurence Fox, the former actor who has tasked himself with launching a UK franchise of MAGA. But here’s the thing

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