Is livestreaming the future of shopping in the Middle East?

Is livestreaming the future of shopping? Investors in the Middle East are betting their money on ‘yes’. In August, the region’s first live entertainment shopping platform – Hoods – officially launched its first round of seed funding following a successful $350,000 financing round earlier this year. Its goal is this: to help shoppers find brands “through live,...

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Bytesquad: what went wrong in the UK’s first TikTok content house?

In March 2020, three days before the first national lockdown, Fanbytes, which describes itself as “a team of social media and influencer marketing experts, helping brands to engage Gen Z audiences in the most interactive ways on the planet” opened the first UK content house – Bytesquad, with six creators pumping out TikTok content. Earlier

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Could anonymous Q&A app NGL make online trolling worse?

Influencers commonly post ‘ask me anything’ stickers on Instagram Stories to invite visible questions from their followers. Now there’s a new trend – hosting anonymous Q&As. Anonymous Q&A apps are nothing new – digital natives have seen the rise and decline of platforms such as Formspring and Ask.fm in the late 2000s and early 2010s

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As the Online Safety Bill is put on hold, influencers and MPs react

The Online Safety Bill has been dropped from the parliamentary schedule next week, according to a Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) official, and now delayed until the Autumn. It’s a landmark piece of legislation which aims to protect people on the internet by removing hate speech, preventing scammers and fining tech giants like Twitter and Facebook

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