As the app is named the world’s most popular website, CORQ reflects on a year of successful short-form content: TikTok weekly roundup

Posted by Emilie McMeekan in Trends

1 month ago

This is the last canter through the TikTok universe of the year – and what a year it’s been. Perhaps best summed up by this Christmassy tale: the Jonas Brothers teamed up with President Biden to make a “Bing Bong” video to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Rod, surely one of the creators of the year, mocking the Gen Z culture of calling everything vintage is a mood. A bigger mood, and one which will no doubt see us through the beginning of 2022, is creator Kim, whose video of her child heading off to school will soon be a widely-used audio. Kim says ‘take over the world’, her daughter responds with, ‘I don’t wanna’, so Kim replies ‘Ok then do the bare minimum’. Thank you Kim and thank you TikTok, we’ll be back in January. Bing Bong.

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