Top performing influencer campaigns March 2022: Fashion out-engages all

Posted by Sara McCorquodale in Influencer campaigns

1 year ago

Influencer campaigns from lifestyle brands performed best in March with highly stylised photography out-engaging everything else. The Y2K look continues to reign and fashion brands are doing the best job in terms of commissioning influencer content that really delivers audience interest.

Notes on March 2022’s best performing influencer adverts:

  • Beauty tutorials with an eye on Spring were well received, and even better if they included a discount code for consumers.
  • There was a rare appearance from a  finance brand in March with Revolut being the 11th most engaging advert of the month.
  • Influencers who are talented stylists have greater value than ever with those who can create or riff on an aesthetic creating the most positive engagement in March.

Top 20 best performing influencer adverts of March 2022

1. Sarah Madison X Lounge (25% engagement rate): Madison created a very Y2K aesthetic for the lingerie brand and an impressive one quarter of her audience engaged.

2. Adeola Patronne X Pretty Little Thing (17% ER): PLT is onto a winner by working with Patronne as she actually produced two of the most engaging adverts in March 2022. This one styling its garments for a concert and a second post showcasing the brand’s streetwear which delivered an 8% engagement rate.

3. Kirsty Elizabeth Petitt X Mermade Hair (13% ER): you know summer campaigns are gearing up when beach hair tutorials start to drop. Petitt uses a Mermade tool in this one and shared a 15% discount code for her followers.

4. Yasmeen/ Yas Ln X Club London (9% ER): Yasmeen produced a chic evening look for this post which evoked city nights spent in elite places.

5. Jack Callaghan X One For All (8% ER): a momentary break from fashion and beauty with Callaghan’s video for One For All in which he described the space saving benefits of its TV stand. He also constructed the stand and positioned the content as ASMR.

6. Hannah Emily White X Primark (8% ER): back to fashion with White’s post for Primark, in which she created a Barbie inspired look with a Y2K spin.

7. Shelby-Malaika Luke X Urban Outfitters (8% ER): Luke’s denim-focused gallery was simple and achievable, styling jeans and crops tops.

8. Simon Minter X Gillette ( 7% ER): it’s worth noting that this post generated a big reaction as many of Minter’s fan did not want him to shave his beard. All the same, smart move be Gillette.

9. Aoife Cullen X MAC (7% ER): Cullen celebrated attending London Fashion Week with MAC by creating a tutorial for a colourful look inspired by everything she saw at the event.

10. Nimi Blackwell X Karen Millen (7% ER): just ridiculously good styling by Blackwell – there’s nothing more to say on this.

11. Aarav Amin X Revolut (7% ER): Amin shared the benefits of joining Revolut including access to Audible, a range of discounts and a £20 welcome bonus.

12. Paris Omar X Nasty Gal (7% ER): bold styling by Omar which was both fun and straightforward. As mentioned in February’s report, there is a clear consumer desire for out out looks as the restrictions of the pandemic become a memory.

13. Natasha Ahmed X New Balance (7% ER): a colourful lifestyle gallery from Ahmed to promote New Balance’s 327s. Super cheerful.

14. Chhimmi Dholkar Gurung X The Beauty Crop (7% ER): a brow transformation Reel by Gurung in which she shows how she makes her own fuller and thicker using three of The Beauty Crop’s products. She also shared a 15% discount code.

15. Lou Archell X EE (7% ER): Archell’s Reel took her audience inside EE’s House of Fibre in Bristol where she and her family enjoyed food, coffee and learned about better internet.

16. Eilidh Cameron X Visit Scotland (7% ER): travel and adventure creator Cameron shared a shot from her exploration of the West Highland Peninsulas and enthusiasts for the great outdoors swooned.

17. Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe X Nip & Fab (6% ER): Ukeleghe used her expert knowledge to explain the science behind Nip & Fab’s Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme, explaining why they are effective and worth the spend.

18. Lucinda Strafford X Boux Avenue (6% ER): a straightforward lingerie promotion shot made relatable by a cup of tea (classic).

19. Imogen Nunn X Sign Health (6% ER): Nunn worked with Sign Health to promote the fact its mental health services are now available in BSL and why this is important.

20. Danielle Marcan X Clinique (6% ER): another brilliant Reel by Marcan, this time showing her followers how to get a “blurred matte” look using Clinique skincare and makeup.

By Sara McCorquodale, CEO and founder of CORQ. Picture credit: Adeola Patronne. This report was created in collaboration with our technology partner, Dyzio.