Case study: Reggie Yates is the ultimate media polymath and at the forefront of creators seeking purpose-driven partnerships

Posted by Emilie McMeekan in Influencer campaigns

2 months ago

In an interview with the Table Manners podcast in November 2021, Reggie Yates told hosts, Jesse and Lennie Ware, in his late teens he was on the cusp of signing a record deal. Plans were scuppered when the record label insisted he give up all his other projects – including presenting Top of The Pops and his BBC Radio 1 show. Having been an on screen entertainer since he was 8 years old, Reggie had a difficult choice to make. In the end he went with Plan B: doing everything else. A polymath was born. Reggie is a pure Renaissance Man - a term coined by Leon Alberti in the 1400s to show “a man can do all things if he will”- seeking to develop skills in all areas and with purpose.

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