Everything you need to know about SpiritualTok

Posted by Natalia Reppas in Trends

2 years ago

If you’re scrolling through TikTok, chances are you’ve come across SpiritualTok, a thriving community that live streams tarot readings and shares educational videos on crystals and candles.

Manifesting, witchcraft, astrology and tarot all became trending topics with the rise of spirituality on TikTok since the first lockdown in 2020. Most recently a new discussion has seeped into everyone’s TikTok For You Page surrounding “Light and Dark Feminine energy” with the #Darkfeminineenergy hashtag having garnered over 83 million views while its counterpart, #Lightfemininity has 8.8 million views on the app.

It is likely that you have seen light and dark feminine-inspired aesthetics or outfit mood boards. Following a deep search into the comment section of these videos, rumour has it the trend originally started with the release of a 110-page e-book published by the anonymous spiritual content creator behind The Divine Femininity Guru account. The book includes case studies of dark or light feminine energy and how to “tap into them”.

The Dark Femme Guru, another anonymously run TikTok account with over 123,000 followers, offers a guide to “tapping into” or “activating” your dark feminine energy with videos talking about healing, re-invention and gaining power, as well as having bad-bitch energy and entering your villain era.


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TikTok confidence coach Ren shared a TikTok revealing her dark feminine secret and encouraging her followers to embrace their darker qualities too. Dark Femme TikTok uses the seductress and goddess archetype as examples of females with dark feminine energy.

Light femininity has an angelcore and an old-money aesthetic, centred around embracing calmness, affection and softness, using supermodel Bella Hadid as the epitome of a modern example. Naromi Altamirano created a video demonstrating how to tap into light femininity through embracing self love and loving those around you.


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However, the trend has been criticised for being concentrated on gaining male attention as well as being white and cis centred. Despite this, the dark and light feminine aesthetic has been adopted by wellness and self care influencers like UK-based lifestyle blogger Tamanna Kaur who shared a TikTok explaining how she is stepping into her dark feminine era. Fitness vlogger Juju Sheikh also shared a workout where she alternates between light and dark feminine energy.

As SpiritualTok unfolds, it’s proving to be a soothing corner of the internet for creators and their users to explore spirituality and New Age ideas, and what better place to do so than TikTok?

By Natalia Reppas, junior staff writer at CORQ. Picture credit: Tamanna Kaur via Instagram