Inside Webtoon – the creators’ platform generating big culture moments

Posted by Lucinda Diamond in Culture

2 weeks ago

Squid Game was without a doubt the biggest show of 2021, and it opened our western eyes to the possibilities and breadth of foreign talent. With audiences now more eager for new and exciting content than ever before, streaming services and publishers have to keep up with the expectation for award-winning, record-breaking shows. But how to supply this demand? Where to find inspiration? 

Enter Webtoon - the South Korean app that allows amateur artists and writers to upload stories and comics, and has fast become Netflix’s go-to source for new content to feed our South Korean obsession. It’s the platform that gave us Hellbound, which alongside Squid Game was one of the best shows of 2021, racking up 43.48 million viewing hours in just three days and making the Top Ten list in 59 different countries. So just how did this seemingly under the radar app become a hot source of inspiration?