Matilda Djerf has defined mainstream style for a whole generation in 2022 – here’s how she did it

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1 year ago

It seems like Swedish influencer and entrepreneur Matilda Djerf became an internet sensation overnight thanks to her signature Nineties-style blow-dried hair and cool Scandi outfits. Of course, her rise to digital fame has actually been a steady progression over several years but as a TikTok it girl, her name is now up there with the likes of popular US vlogger Emma Chamberlain when it comes to consistently shaping fashion and beauty trends.

In short, Djerf is an influencer every brand should be watching in 2023 – as a trendsetter, she can essentially sell out any product to her 2.8 million Instagram followers, who are eager to replicate her look, from her curtain fringe to her effortlessly chic style.

Arguably, she is best known for her hair – #MatildaDjerfHair has more than 75 million views on TikTok as people use rollers and the Dyson Airwrap to achieve her bouncy blowout – it was rumoured the interest in her hairstyling routine helped dramatically increase Dyson sales. There’s even a fan account dedicated to naming all the products she wears. Now that’s influence.

In the past year, Djerf’s global power has been rapidly growing. As of December 2022, #MatildaDjerf has over 242 million views – up from 44 million in spring – and according to Google data, searches for content about her peaked between July and August 2022.

So how did she do it? In 2017, she had 100,000 followers and in 2018 she released collections with brands such as NA-KD and Sabo. The following year, Djerf and her boyfriend Rasmus Johansson launched Djerf Avenue, which has become a staple of fashion TikTok thanks to the brand’s hero items, the Favourite Pants and Favourite Blazer. Items often sell out and #DjerfAvenue has more than 234 million views on the platform.

In the first 48 hours of launching, the brand had 700 orders. According to The New York Times, Djerf Avenue’s 2022 sales revenues are expected to be about US$22 million (£18 million) this year, an increase from US$8 million (£6.5 million) in 2021.


Everything @Matilda Djerf wears, sells out😂

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Brands seem to be taking note of Djerf’s label’s success. This season, similar items to the Favourite Pants have been spotted in high street shops in the UK, with UNIQLO’s Pleated Trousers selling out both in-store and online in numerous sizes. Is this a knock-on effect of Djerf’s influence, due to the trousers going viral on TikTok, or just a coincidence? I would argue it’s due to the success of Djerf’s brand.

It should be noted that she rarely posts sponsored content on her Instagram grid, but does tag her outfits and accessories – one can only imagine the sales from an item being worn by her.

Djerf is a unicorn among influencers. Her content is aspirational yet attainable – think photo dumps, unedited photos and candid outfit pictures – and she essentially bridges the gap between Gen Z and millennials. She is put together, but not perfect. She radiates positive energy – the type of person you want to be friends with. That’s exactly why her audience – this writer included – can’t get enough of her content.

By Caroline Edwards, CORQ news and features writer. Picture credit: Matilda Djerf via Instagram.