Meet the digital activists, campaigners and educators using social media to enact socio-political change offline

Posted by Jennifer Adetoro in Influencer hotlists

1 week ago

Social media has become an instrumental platform for individuals to raise awareness on socio-political issues around the world. During the height of the pandemic last year, it proved to be a powerful source for catapulting real-life issues and movements, such as racial injustice and climate change. The trend of infographics - though mocked by many - became rampant in quickly bringing global matters to light, hashtags dominated both Twitter and TikTok, while online petitions and GoFundMe pages infiltrated the digital sphere. Although some argue posting on social media contributes little to no reform, some online initiatives have gone on to enforce legislative change.

Online activism has become pivotal in spreading information and publicising non-mainstream notions. While it shouldn’t be seen as the endpoint to socio-political activism, its ability to kickstart a defining movement is important to acknowledge. For brands looking to work with talent in this space, consider collaborating with them on issue-led content or supporting long-term initiatives which can enact real change. Here's CORQ's roundup of activists using their digital platforms to make a socio-political impact offline.

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