New year, same me: 15 influencers taking a stand against diet culture

Posted by Dina Zubi in Influencer hotlists

2 weeks ago

Earlier this month, a Twitter post by GB News presenter Isabel Oakeshott went viral. She shared a picture of a plus-size mannequin in gym clothes and wrote; “This, in a Regent St fitness store, is what obesity looks like. Flabby curves highlighted in hideous lime green velour. The so-called “body positivity” movement is not “inclusive”, it’s dangerous.”

This provoked a number of reactions from fellow Twitter users, many called the tweet “toxic”, “bullying” and “body shaming”.

Unfortunately, Isabel is not alone in perpetuating the pressure for bodies to look a certain way and as a new year commences, the usual weight-loss ads and unrealistic diet plans have made their return. As a counter-movement, the anti-diet community is growing and arguably become bigger than ever before.

Here are 15 influencers creating engaged communities by calling out unhealthy expectations, diet fads and body shaming.

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