Post-pandemic influencer marketing: trailblazing through radical change

Posted by Caroline Edwards in Industry insights

7 months ago

The future of influencer marketing has been shaped by new consumer behaviours that have emerged since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. From a sharp increase in ecommerce to the growing importance of social commerce, influencers’ position when it comes to driving businesses’ revenue is now more central and crucial than ever. However, influencers and social platforms have changed too which means those working in the influencer and digital space must adapt. In fact, a radical revision of brands’ digital strategies would be incredibly sensible at this point.

To propose how brands should navigate influencer marketing in a post-pandemic landscape, CORQ’s CEO and founder Sara McCorquodale shared her research and observations in a 40-minute masterclass. In this session, she interrogates:

– Why influencer marketing is now an inevitability for many brands, both due to the rise of ecommerce and the contraction of traditional media.

– The reasons influencer marketing has become a high risk part of brands’ marketing and communications mix due to new influencer behaviours which emerged during the pandemic.

– The rise in influencer brand call outs – creators are naming and shaming brands that they believe have acted poorly, irresponsibly and with whom they have had a bad experience. Brand call-out content is currently significantly out-performing influencers’ regular posts.

– Creating an influencer marketing risk mitigation strategy – what should this include and how to determine what you as a company can bear in terms of controversies.

– The polarisation of influencer talent. While a gifted few have identified that the future lies in video and audio entertainment and pre-empted this with content formats 12 months ago, many influencers who have not evolved with social platforms stand to see the money they can command decline.

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