Small but mighty: 18 powerful micro influencers with high engagement across fashion, beauty, food, culture and parenting

Posted by Caroline Edwards in Influencer hotlists

1 month ago

Want to create an engaging influencer campaign? Micro influencers are the answer. Too often brands overlook them in favour of focusing on celebrities and macro-influencers for branded content or as the faces of campaigns (just look at former Love Island contestant Liberty Poole and her multiple six-figure brand deals). While signing on a reality TV star or A-list model can be a successful endeavour - Nasty Gal’s partnership with US model Emily Ratajkowski helped them gain global awareness and doubled their website traffic - but more often than not, micro influencers have higher engagement and more original ideas for campaigns.

So why make the switch if brands are seeing success with celebrities? A study from Marketing Drive found 82% of consumers were highly likely to follow a recommendation from a micro influencer and are seen as trusted sources as they're knowledgeable, passionate and authentic. Not to mention, they're cost-effective.

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