Spotify scores three spots in the top 100 best performing influencer campaigns of October 2022

Posted by Sara McCorquodale in Influencer campaigns

2 years ago

Spotify had three influencer campaigns in the top 100 most engaging creator collaborations from October 2022.

Data analysis by CORQ has revealed that its “Day 1 Club” concept struck a chord with Reels by both Lloyd Lothian – AKA Chuckie Online – and Fred Santana charting in the top 100 and delivering engagement rates of 13% and 3% respectively.

The third advert was a vlog-style Reel by former Love Islander Dami Hope in which he documented a Spotify press trip to Ibiza to celebrate Massive Dance Hits. This garnered 11% engagement and his followers commented they were watching the video repeatedly.

Amazon Prime scored a top 20 campaign thanks to its collaboration with Sophia Tuxford to promote new release The Policeman, starring Harry Styles. Tuxford posted a carousel showcasing a screening she attended and this garnered an engagement rate of 8%. However, it is worth noting many of her followers were requesting information about her outfit rather than the film.

Overall, food and travel had a good month. The top two campaigns were Welsh Lamb’s Reel in partnership with Zainab Pirzada which generated a 40% engagement rate, followed by Sabina Trojanova’s video in partnership with Visit Saudi. This had engagement of 34% and many of her followers commented this was one of their “bucket list” destinations.

Also notable is Nyx Professional Makeup which has two influencer campaigns in CORQ’s beauty top ten chart thanks to the engagement generated by its Halloween transformation Reels.

Positive news for brands investing in creator collaborations on Instagram is that the average engagement rate is continuing to increase. In October, it climbed to 6% – a 2% jump from the previous month.

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