Cicaverse by Clarks: honest review of the brand’s new Roblox release by a seven-year-old gamer

Posted by Sara McCorquodale in Comment

2 years ago

Clarks released its Roblox game Cicaverse this week – a metaverse-style experience in which users can take part in parkour, BMX and breakdancing challenges.

I was intrigued by this announcement as Clarks – while a traditional retailer – has a strong relationship with the Roblox audience. Heading into store a couple of times a year is an experience many of the platform’s  core user base (aged 7- to 14-years-old) will be familiar with so on the face of it, this is a smart and pleasantly surprising move.

But have you, as an adult, ever played a game on Roblox? Most are super quirky and some are downright creepy. I know this because my seven-year-old son Dylan is a big fan. And while I don’t understand why he wants to play a game where he hides from an evil banana, maybe that’s because I just don’t get Roblox at all.

So, rather than review Clarks’ Cicaverse by myself, I enlisted Dylan in return for 2000 V-Bucks to do the job for me. In the words of an excitable child getting the once in a lifetime opportunity to game on a school night, let’s goooooooo!

Inside Cicaverse by Clarks
Review by Dylan Ryu Townsend (age 7 years and 10 months old)

The first thing I want to say is it looks really cool. The stage is exciting and really well created. When I first started the game, I wanted to try everything but went straight to parkour because I saw lots of people going there too.

The parkour is really challenging but I liked how hard I had to try. I kept getting better and it’s quite different, I’ve not played anything like that on Roblox before. The obstacles are really good and I felt like I was learning a lot.

After a little while I got bored and went to do the BMX challenge but that wasn’t as fun. Breakdancing is a cool idea but I thought it was hard to keep up and kept making mistakes so the challenges ended really quickly. I think it would be really good for them to add an easy mode and a hard mode. I tried my best but if there was an easy mode, I could learn how to play the game and then be better at taking on the challenges later.

Another thing I liked was the music, it’s really catchy. It made me like the game as soon as I started.

Things they should improve…

I wanted the neon visor from the shop but couldn’t figure out how to buy it. I really liked the things in the shop and would like it if they told you how to get them. Also, I tried to play on XBox at first because that’s where I usually play Roblox but it kept crashing so I had to use my mummy’s laptop which isn’t as good.

Things they should add…

I think custom games would be a good idea like speed running or even just high jumping. Maybe there could even be a tournament because in other Roblox games, tournaments are really special.


I’d give this game an 8/10. I’ll tell my friends that they should do the parkour challenge because it’s really cool.

Picture credit: Cicaverse by Clarks