The rise of TikTok vlogging from money diaries and London experiences to “day in the life” videos

Posted by Dina Zubi in Trends

1 month ago

If you scroll through TikTok’s endless “fyp” (for you page), you’ll come across a range of videos - reviews, comedy skits, memes, transition tips or recipe tutorials - you name it and it probably exists. “Vlogs” (video blogs) were once synonymous with YouTubers like Alfie Deyes and Emma Chamberlain (or the controversial Vlog Squad), but these are now becoming increasingly popular on the short-form video app ever since TikTok has expanded its video length firstly to one minute and more recently, to three minutes.

A YouTube vlog can go from anywhere between four to 40 minutes on average - and the content format is going strong on the platform - but TikTok’s vlogging format is better suited for those with short attention spans and easier to produce and edit for creators. Which begs the question, is TikTok is the new YouTube?

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