TikTok beauty influencers in the south of England: comedy, theatrical transformation and Gen Z whimsy

Posted by Chloe James in Influencer hotlists

3 weeks ago

Navigating TikTok as a brand can seem like an impossible task – and it doesn’t get much easier once you narrow it down to beauty. There are billions of views on the app’s constant stream of hair, makeup, and skincare content produced by TikTokers all across the globe. In the hands of the right creators, a product’s reputation can quite literally explode overnight. Whether that’s for the better or worse is up to the product itself. Just ask CeraVe (but don’t ask St. Ives).

But identifying the right creators for your brand is easier said than done. Even once you zoom in on a region, you’re faced with finding those who wield the power and have the creativity to influence the app’s constantly changing landscape. So, who are the users shaping the beauty scene in the south of England?

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