UK general election 2024: 8 politics podcasts shaping attitudes, informing voters and leading the public discourse

Posted by Dina Zubi in Trending Influencers

1 month ago

Globally, there are more than four million registered podcasts, and in the UK, listeners are expected to steadily grow to more than 28 million by 2026. Of those between 26- and 35-years-old, 40% listen to audio shows weekly, according to Statista. This makes podcasts a vital channel for both entertainment and information.

As the 4 July general election approaches, expect more listeners to tune in to expert voices, informative debates and discussions around party manifestos. The Rest Is Politics is currently the most popular audio show in the UK, with Electoral Dysfunction at 13th place and Political Currency at number 28 on the Podwatch chart, at the time of writing.

These eight podcasts will be setting the tone for the coming weeks of political campaigning and are worth paying attention to for any brands looking to monitor the social and political climate in the UK.

1. Pod Save The UK

Hosted by comedian Nish Kumar and journalist Coco Khan, the show mixes politics with humour. The duo is joined each week by politicians, public figures and experts to unpack news and discuss political solutions.

2. How To Win An Election

The Times’ podcast features journalist Matt Chorley discussing current affairs and politics with commentators Polly Mackenzie, Peter Mandelson and Daniel Finkelstein. The show launched in October 2023 with the purpose of discussing all things around the upcoming general election.

3. The Rest Is Politics

It is currently the most popular podcast in the UK, hosted by former Conservative MP Rory Stewart and former Labour strategist Alastair Campbell from either end of the political spectrum. Six of its episodes are being shown on Channel 4 from 29 May until the general election on 4 July, further spreading the influence of the audio show.

4. Electoral Dysfunction

The Sky News audio show is helmed by journalist Beth Rigby, Labour’s Jess Phillips and former Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson. Every Tuesday and Friday, the trio discuss the happenings at Westminster and dissect politicians’ moves.

5. The Turnout

Hosted by comedy TikToker Grace Keeling, also known as GK Barry, the show launched on 11 June with the purpose of encouraging young people to vote. Keeling has so far been joined by fellow political podcasters Nish Kumar and Alastair Campbell, to discuss key issues around this general election.

6. Political Currency

Political Currency normally releases episodes every Thursday, but has amped up its frequency since the general election was announced. It is presented by former Conservative chancellor George Osborne and former Labour shadow chancellor Ed Balls.

7. The Trawl

Broadcaster Jemma Forte and political commentator Marina Purkiss scroll through social media and discuss political blunders, current hot topics and politicians’ strategies. Both presenters are outspoken about their anti-Tory views.

8. Oh God, What Now?

The audio show’s Instagram bio reads: “Making sense of our political hell every Tuesday and Friday.” Its launch in 2017 was prompted by the anti-Brexit movement, and the podcast features several regulars, including writer Dorian Lynskey, journalist Marie Le Conte, and comedian Matt Green.

By Dina Zubi, CORQ news and features writer. Picture credit: Pod Save The UK via Instagram