UK influencer marketing statistics: Travel narratives featured in 36% of May 2024’s top creator adverts

Posted by Sara McCorquodale in News

3 weeks ago

Travel narratives featured in 36% of May 2024’s most engaging influencer adverts, according to CORQ’s monthly data study.

Brands across multiple verticals beat competitors through press trip coverage, “come with me” exploration Reels and “get ready with me” holiday content.

Beauty brands delivered the largest portion of top influencer adverts, followed by fashion, travel and entertainment. The top three influencer partnerships were Michael Timbs for Red Bull, Victor Kunda and Madame Joyce for Prime Video and Ryley Isaac for ghd.

Seventy per cent of May’s top ads were by creators with less than 500K followers. Ninety per cent of the most engaging organic posts were also by this group. Creators who are 18- to 35-years-old and based in London were most prolific demographic across organic and commercial content.

CORQ analysed 1,988 ads posted across 15,000 influencer Instagram accounts between 1 May and 31 May and found compliance with regulator-approved signposting continues to be a problem. While 53% of commercial posts were labelled correctly as #ad, 47% were flagged with #gifted #PR and #affiliate, terms which are not recognised by the Advertising Standards Authority.

By Sara McCorquodale, CEO and founder of CORQ. Subscribers to CORQ can access the full data report for May 2024 here. Find out how to sign up to CORQ here