3 things you need to understand about Gen Alpha

The CORQ original report Decoding Gen Alpha is available to members now. But if you’re looking for a sneak peek then you’re in the right place.

In this week’s Voice Note from the Creator Economy, Sara is doling out three major learnings she took from the research and writing of CORQ features director Emilie McMeekan who interviewed a range of industry leaders, from agency founders to social commentators, in the development of the report.

But for the time poor (or those yet to partake of their free CORQ trial), let’s get the headlines in just over three minutes.

We’re talking:

  • How they interact with the internet compared to their predecessors and what this means for their wider behavioural profile.
  • Why their world is virtual, not just digital.
  • And how they ended up more resilient than Gen Z and millennials.