CORQ’s student subscription: what’s included in your pass


Whether you’re studying media, marketing, journalism or communications, CORQ’s student programme will give you insight into your industry, inspire you to think big when it comes to your future career and deliver the knowledge you’ll need for the workplace post-graduation.

By purchasing an annual student subscription for CORQ, you’ll get access to…

  • Weekly industry talks with editors, creatives and key voices in the media. Through these online half-hour events, you’ll hear how the biggest publications have changed post-pandemic, the kind of content driving the media now and how to break into your industry via the people who might just be hiring you. You’ll also get access to our archive of sessions from 2020 (see the full list here). Check out our talk with Antonia Baildam and Cassandra Russell – the heads of beauty and fashion at TikTok – for a taste of our industry insight sessions and see our latest programme here.

  • Group Chat – our bi-weekly inspiration series in which people who’ve built incredible careers share how they’ve done it, what they ‘ve learned and give advice to students on how to get their big break. See our session with Elizabeth Uviebinene – Financial Times columnist, co-author of best-selling book Slay In Your Lane and brand strategist – on how to successfully juggle a multi-hyphenate career and build professional relationships early on and see our latest programme here.

  • Seminars on what’s digitally driving your future industry now. These pre-recorded sessions are led by Sara McCorquodale – CORQ CEO and author of the award-winning book Influence: How Social Media Influencers Are Shaping Our Digital Future – and aim to give you key insights on important developments plus case studies to use in your own work. Check out our seminar “Fast fashion and its approach to influencer marketing” to find out what to expect from this part of your subscription.