Greg Potter

Greg heads up commercial across CORQ, maximising sales opportunities and trying to keep Seb and Arabella out of trouble. He spent eight years in advertising before starting a new career as a travel marketer just four months before the first global lockdown of the pandemic… Greg enjoys getting lost in Twitter threads and making Spotify

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Seb Kisbee

Seb works primarily with our marketing and PR agency clients, finding out their pain points with influencer marketing and developing solutions. Originally from Kent, he has a background in marketing and sales and is obsessed with helping agencies streamline their influencer campaign process. Literally obsessed. Anything else? He likes Clapham and Excel spreadsheets and dislikes

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Arabella Johnson

Arabella was CORQ’s very first employee back in 2018 and is now head of beauty for the business, onboarding and fostering relationships with the world’s biggest beauty and lifestyle brands. Her passion, apart from the beauty industry? Beauty TikTok, where she spends approximately three hours a day gaining unrivalled knowledge of creators who are connecting

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