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Influencers. TikTok trends. Algorithms. Do you ever feel like keeping on top of the internet has become impossible?

Welcome to CORQ, the insights and education platform with one purpose: to turn you into a digital expert with minimal effort. Through our combination of daily journalistic reports, news blasts and bite size webinars you can cut through the noise and understand what’s actually going to drive business growth.

The trends worth jumping on. The influencers worth investing in. The data revealing what consumers want. We even make algorithms easy.

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What is CORQ Insights?

Get the latest digital data and trends everyday via our exclusive news blasts. You’ll learn what consumers want through our bitesize analysis on everything from TikToks driving spend to snowballing niche communities on social to viral content from the past 24 hours.

You’ll also learn about the latest influencer controversies, campaigns and opportunities to get your brand featured on their pages. CORQ reports on creator engagement, baby and house move announcements, as well as new content series, podcasts and projects. All of our work is completely independent – we’ll only surface data and news that could help drive marketing and awareness for your business.

See our selection of news blasts here.

Did you hear about the small business that sold out its entire inventory in less than 24 hours thanks to an influencer collaboration?

On CORQ you’ll get strategy insights from marketers maximising digital and seeing incredible returns. You’ll find out how they’re doing it and learn how you can accelerate growth too.

Read a CORQ case study here.

Understand the social and influencer campaigns across EMEA that are really achieving cut-through.

CORQ journalists curate and analyse the most interesting work, interrogating why consumers responded well, calculating engagement rates and outlining the concept behind each activation.

See a recent CORQ Scandinavia campaign roundup here.

CORQ’s webinar programme reacts to the digital environment which means subscribers can respond to online shifts as they are happening.

Each 25-minute session is focused on teaching actionable insights, meaning you can tune in and immediately take initiative to drive consumer engagement and business growth.

Our programme also features exclusive insights from expert speakers sharing their knowledge and data, only on CORQ.

See our upcoming webinars here.

Taking a view on digital technology can feel impossible. After all, predicting the future of artificial intelligence or how Generation Alpha will use the internet is a fairly intimidating task.

That’s where CORQ’s in-depth investigations come to play. We produce lengthy quarterly deep dive reports as well as weekly news features tackling how businesses should deal with topical issues across social media, technology and influencers.

See CORQ’s in-depth AI explainer report here.

Because there are rules. If you’re working with influencers – whether its through campaigns, UGC or simply gifting products – there are advertising regulations you need to know and these change all the time.

CORQ keeps subscribers on the right side of the regulator through online training sessions and reporting the latest news on social content that has been banned.

Whether you’re putting together a campaign for Sober October or looking for sports podcasters, CORQ’s influencer talent curations will help you find the most relevant people and explain their back story.

You might be launching a campaign tomorrow, you might just be looking for a few names to drop in a pitch. Either way, you’ll find them in our constant stream of curated influencer lists.

See a CORQ curation of trending stylists and personal shoppers based in the Middle East here.

Sounds great but looking for something extra?

With our enterprise intelligence service you get all of this and more. Benefit from the same daily emails, the same journalist-led news coverage, and the same insights and expertise, but pile on platform access, bespoke consultative services, and even more industry intelligence to take your influencer marketing strategy to the next level.

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