CORQ Team Subscription: what’s included in your annual package

If you are in the business of influencer marketing and content creation, the chances are you’ve never been busier – and that’s not about to change. So, how do you keep your whole team ahead of the competition, nailing pitches and proactively generating ideas to take your brand to the next level? CORQ’s Team Subscription.

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CORQ student subscription

CORQ’s student subscription: what’s included in your pass

Whether you’re studying media, marketing, journalism or communications, CORQ’s student programme will give you insight into your industry, inspire you to think big when it comes to your future career and deliver the knowledge you’ll need for the workplace post-graduation. By purchasing an annual student subscription for CORQ, you’ll get access to… Weekly industry talks

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CORQ University Subscription

CORQ’s university subscription: what’s included in your annual pass

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, engaging guest lecturers and ensuring students have access to industry insights via work experience has become a significant challenge for course leaders. Also, the worlds of media, marketing and journalism have rapidly changed in 2020 meaning the professional landscape the next generation will fit into is set to be significantly

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