Deep-Dive Influencer
Marketing Studies

Enhance your influencer marketing strategy with bespoke investigative projects conducted by a team of journalists & researchers.

Understanding a channel that moves as quickly as influencer marketing can be challenging, especially without dedicated resources. With many brands branching into the space for the first time or as recent adopters, there is still a wide margin for error and the consequences can be damning, from regulatory penalties to PR nightmares.

Gaining an in-depth knowledge of the social media landscape and the influencers that operate within it is invaluable for even the most advanced influencer marketing teams, and that’s where CORQ. comes in. With our bespoke research service, we can conduct deep dive studies into your chosen subject, delivering our findings exclusively to you.

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For many marketers, your influencer strategy will begin with your roster. This line up, carefully and strategically chosen, goes a long way to determining the success of your influencer marketing campaigns. But audience analysis and engagement metrics merely scratch the surface when it comes to determining brand fit and influencer ROI. 

Taking a closer look at an influencer’s story – who they associate with, what brands have they previously collaborated with, what skeletons are in the closet and what exciting life events are coming up – is what sets great influencer marketing apart (and potentially what saves you from a PR disaster).

Every year seems to bring a hot new social media platform nowadays. Where once we had MySpace or even Bebo, today we have Instagram, TikTok, BeReal and Lemon8 and more. And unless you have a vast social media team, you’re going to have to be selective about which ones you operate on.

Dissecting each platform and their users, in-depth social media platform analysis by CORQ. can help you get to grips with where you should be investing your time and money, and where you’re going to find the best-fit influencers plus the most profitable audiences.

Consumer behaviour changes on a dime and even the biggest brands can be left in the dust if they fail to adapt. Truly understanding your prospective customers goes beyond anything any influencer marketing platform could tell you based on their social media interaction and considers instead the formative experiences of their age group, the fears of their specific consumer base, or even the political priorities of their behavioural peers. 

With CORQ. audience analysis, you’ll be getting the full picture of your audience, not just the influencers they follow or their time spent on platforms, giving you the opportunity to build a marketing strategy around individuals, not numbers.

Our team of journalists and researchers have a wealth of knowledge and experience at their (and your) disposal, but no one person is an expert in all things. That’s why, where necessary, we arrange and execute interviews in the process of building our research.

Spanning industry leaders, psychological experts, even just consumers or influencers themselves, our in-depth interviews ensure that nothing is taken for granted in our bespoke research projects. By mixing primary and secondary research tactics, we offer our partners a truly holistic overview of their chosen subject matter.