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Take your influencer marketing campaigns to the next level using the only journalist-led platform for the creator economy

CORQ Enterprise takes users from ideation, to talent discovery, to campaign planning and tracking performance. Our USP? Editorial research. A journalist reports the back story of every influencer curated onto our platform. This allows brands to tap into the reasons why consumers love their content and create more engaging campaigns that feel completely natural.

Add to this daily influencer intelligence, webinars to upskill your team and in-depth trend forecasting and you’ve got a unique proposition that drives brand awareness, social commerce and in-house digital development. CORQ has a 93% retention rate for one reason: our approach – which aims to make you the expert – works. Scroll to find out why…

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What’s included

Enterprise platform subscribers have unlimited access to CORQ’s curated influencer database, which lists live data about each talent alongside contextualising editorial research. This allows users to understand how successful influencers are, who their audience is and if their story aligns with your brand objectives. It also means users can filter by data points and search by keywords. For example, could you find influencers who are huge Eurovision fans, gin connoisseurs and also have a pet dog via a pure data platform? No – but you can on CORQ.

This is where CORQ’s influencer database deviates from every other platform on the market. We believe that all the data in the world can’t overtake the importance of an influencer’s narrative. After all, who they are is why we follow them, and why they’re so crucial for brands who want to connect with consumers. It’s not their follower count or engagement rate that explains why consumers engage with them, so it can’t be the be-all and end-all for brands either.

For every influencer profile on the CORQ. influencer marketing platform, we include journalistic research outlining their story. Did they recently get married? Do they have any skeletons in their closet? What controversies might catch you out and what makes them a natural fit for your brand? These are the points that separate simple data-driven influencer marketing from contextualised influencer marketing, and the points that result in intuitive standout campaigns.

Once you’ve determined which influencers are going to work best for your brand, you can add them to your personalised on-platform workspace.

Share with your team, make notes, track individual influencers’ performance, and download contact details en masse; all of those annoying little steps that come with collating and monitoring your influencer marketing efforts are made that bit less painful with our intuitive workspace tool.

Who likes spreadsheets? No one. Or mostly no one. (We all know someone, right?) But when it comes to reporting on your influencer marketing campaigns, manually filling in spreadsheets always feels unavoidable.

But with the CORQ. platform, powered by Dyzio, you have access to real-time updates for all of your campaigns, directly within the platform. Check your KPIs, download your IGC, and generate a range of in-depth analytical reports, all at the click of a button.

Pinpoint what’s driving consumer engagement online everyday via our exclusive portfolio of newsletters. These deliver bitesize actionable analysis straight to your inbox and reveal the content driving spend, snowballing niche communities on social media and viral creator content from the past 24 hours.

Subscribers also receive daily updates on the latest influencer controversies, campaigns and opportunities for brand placement and gifting. Our journalists report on influencer engagements, new baby and house move announcements, as well as new content series, podcasts and projects. All of our work is completely independent, surfacing data and news to help our users develop relationships and raise awareness of their brand.

See our selection of newsletters here.

Fact: social media trends are created by influencers. This means understanding their high-performing posts everyday is the most effective way to keep up with what consumers are engaging with online.

CORQ never lets subscribers down. We spotlight trends, organic content and adverts that are gathering pace and going viral every morning at 8.15am.

On top of this, our journalists analyse shifts that are having a lasting impact through daily reports. These articles feature data, expert views and actionable insights which can inform and be implemented into your own strategy.

See a sample of CORQ’s morning newsletter here and our analysis on how travelling creators from the Middle East are impacting consumer spend here.

Influencer collaborations have the power to sell-out entire product lines, accelerate audience growth and deliver a sustained lift in earned media. With the ever-increasing prevalence of TikTok Shop and a widespread brand focus on social commerce, it is imperative to understand how creator content can deliver commercial business transformation.

With CORQ case studies you’ll get strategy insights from specialists who are maximising digital and seeing profound returns.

Toughening influencer regulations is a growing trend across Europe and failing to follow the rules is now being met with harsh penalties. This can also lead to negative publicity for brands, as the media frequently covers regulator investigations into influencer campaigns.

CORQ ensures subscribers are up to date on influencer regulations through online training sessions and the latest news on social content that has been banned. Our Insights subscription includes on-demand regulations webinars and regular interactive sessions allowing subscribers to ask questions and get advice on their specific campaigns.

Effective leadership in digital is a mountainous task. CORQ keeps senior employees informed of substantial shifts in the digital landscape and expert perspectives on how businesses should react through weekly in-depth reports and quarterly large-scale research papers.

Our journalists also forecast crucial changes that stand to impact how brands operate on social media, taking into account a wide range of data and in-house journalistic research.

Find out more about our extensive Gen Alpha research here.

CORQ’s webinar programme reacts to the digital environment, allowing users to respond to online shifts as they are happening. This is an easy way to integrate staff training on a monthly basis for both new and experienced colleagues.

Each session is focused on teaching actionable insights. Your team can tune in and immediately use their learnings to shape storytelling and campaign strategy.

Our programme also features exclusive insights from expert speakers sharing their knowledge and data. All webinars can be watched live, after which they are available on-demand 24/7.

Find out more here

Just need insights?

If you’re already fully signed up to an influencer discovery platform, CORQ’s Insights subscription is the perfect accompaniment. Complement any data-driven tool with our daily journalistic intelligence and you’ll grow brand awareness, discover new commercial opportunities and turn your team into upskilled experts in a matter of weeks.

Take a closer look at our Insights package