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The ultimate toolkit for influencer marketing professionals. Offering all of the strategic advantages of the Insights subscription but taking them to the next level, our enterprise service is designed for businesses requiring something a bit more tailored. Gain full access to the CORQ. influencer marketing platform where you can assess and build your perfect-fit roster, track your campaigns, and perform due diligence checks, along with access to bespoke consultative services tailored to your brand’s needs.

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Finding the right influencers for your brand collaborations can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. As the industry proliferates and the variety of influencers expands, knowing which ones are right for your offering becomes all the more important and all the more difficult. 

With the curated CORQ. database providing in-depth analysis of over 15,000 influencers, at least some of the work is removed, allowing you to filter influencers by your usual core metrics such as follower count or platform, but also to find influencers by niche or even spot look-alikes to influencers that have previously worked well for your brand.

Influencer marketing means putting your brand in someone else’s hands, even if only temporarily. And any damage to their reputation is a threat to yours. So understanding their back story to preempt any PR backlash is critical. 

With the CORQ. influencer marketing platform, every influencer is researched and verified by our team of journalists, and all in-depth profiles include information ranging from their educational and professional background, to any red flags or latent controversies brands will want to know in advance.

In the last few years, the influencer marketing industry has evolved. With the playing field wide open, consumer preferences changing, and marketing budgets shrinking, gone are the days of sticking a finger in the air and letting gut instinct guide your influencer marketing strategy.

Today, data-driven influencer marketing can give brands the best chance of securing that all-important ROI (and of keeping the board happy). So our profiles include posting frequency and engagement metrics broken down by platform, as well as a highlight reel of their most effective content to help you understand their audience, and a breakdown of their audience demographics. On top of this, we also map each influencer’s social ecosystem to give you an idea of who they interact with, and whose audiences you could gain secondary exposure to as a result.

The CORQ. self service platform is fast, but hey, we get it, sometimes ‘fast’ isn’t going to be fast enough. When you need a collaboration on its feet at speed, our team of journalists and researchers are on hand. For our enterprise subscribers, our influencer discovery and outreach service gives you a dedicated team committed to finding the perfect-fit roster for your needs. You provide the criteria, we’ll provide the list. 

And if there are any specific influencer marketing trends you’re keen to hop on, we can even offer advice on which influencers will help to adapt it for your brand, as well as our own expertise on how best to approach it.

Influencer marketing rosters are great for some companies in the influencer marketing space. They’re just not for us. From the beginning, we made the decision to never retain a roster of influencers. Sure, it might have life a bit easier for us at times. But ultimately the core tenet behind CORQ.’s founding, and the principle which governs everything we do today, is that the influencer marketing space needs an objective overseer. 

We don’t collect any payment for the influencers included in our database, nor do we have a vested interest in prioritising specific creators. This enables us to maintain a level of journalistic integrity in our work, reporting only objective findings and sharing only evidenced findings around influencers or influencer marketing campaigns. 

Trying to get to grips with BookTok? Or maybe it’s a better understanding of YouTube ‘skinfluencers’ that you need? When it comes to making big moves in influencer marketing you’re faced with two choices: do the research for yourself, or stroll boldly in and hope for the best. 

CORQ.’s team of journalists and researchers present a third option for enterprise subscribers, undertaking bespoke research projects to give your influencer marketing campaigns a strong and evidence-based foundation. Trusted by major broadcasters, leading beauty brands and some of the biggest influencer marketing agencies, bespoke research is the perfect starting point for your influencer collaborations.

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