The rise of NFT influencers: the artists, investors and collectors worth watching

SkinTok: 13 dermfluencers dispelling skincare myths on TikTok

TikTok is the holy grail for beauty enthusiasts on the hunt for the latest and greatest skincare products. It’s home to face yoga, pimple patch reviews and. It’s where brands like CeraVe found cult fame and where the ‘clean look’ was born. While #SkinTok has generated a cult-following and accumulated 2.2 billion views, one of the

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Beyond the enigma: how brands can work with mystery influencers

While some influencers like OG lifestyle YouTubers Patricia Bright and Zoe Sugg have built a loyal following by documenting their lives and sharing personal updates in great detail, gamers like Sadaplays have accumulated hundreds of thousands of subscribers without sharing their faces or much personal information. The rise of mysterious influencers isn’t limited to gaming however, it’s popular with foodies such

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