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Venture capitalists are turning their attention towards influencer founded brands – here’s why

Meet the digital activists, campaigners and educators using social media to enact socio-political change offline

2022 beauty trends: 7 content creators leading the body hair conversation amid shifting consumer attitudes to grooming

Jewellery brand Seol + Gold are using TikTok Live to connect with consumers – here’s why it works

TikTok Live sessions have never interested me. Most feature amateur singers or late-night rants, but a few months ago I found myself consumed with jewellery brand Seol + Gold’s two-hour live event. The three live shows were hosted by a presenter and featured giveaways and special discounts, but most importantly, lots of customer interaction. CORQ

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Case study: Reggie Yates is the ultimate media polymath and at the forefront of creators seeking purpose-driven partnerships

In an interview with the Table Manners podcast in November 2021, Reggie Yates told hosts, Jesse and Lennie Ware, in his late teens he was on the cusp of signing a record deal. Plans were scuppered when the record label insisted he give up all his other projects – including presenting Top of The Pops and his BBC Radio 1 show. Having been

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Kate Ferdinand announces the launch of Blended, a platform to provide support for blended families: The Influencer Update

CORQ’s weekly drop of news and interesting happenings from the world of digital influence and those defining the agenda across social media. Read on for potential opportunities for your brand and information which may affect your decision making process on who to work with now. Want to receive The Influencer Update on email? Subscribe to

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The Breakdown

Your digital culture roundup

Inside LTK, the influencer shopping platform that was just valued at $2 billion

A deep dive into LTK and its success selling fashion through influencers

Influencers get an upgrade. Now they’re in charge.

Vogue Business explores the benefits for brands to equip creators with better business knowledge, resulting in more successful campaigns

How Chef Influencers Are Thriving Online

Some of the most successful influencers in the world are those who make use of social media in their home kitchens, Forbes reports.

How TikTok influencers are rebranding the pitbull

Thanks to TikTok, users are showing the softer side of the heavily sterotyped dog breed.

‘People believe people like themselves’: meet the shop-floor TikTok stars

The Guardian explores the rise of influencer store staff who outshine corporate social media accounts

What Is a ‘Comfort Creator’?

In the New York Times, journalist Ezra Marcus looks into the rise of 'comfort creators', the term for video makers and channels soothing YouTube and Twitch users

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What is CORQ?


An essential platform which provides influencer discovery and due diligence. Also, understand who is most prolific and trending through our unique algorithm, the CORQ Score. CORQ is staffed by a team of journalists who are dedicated to interrogating the digital space, determining where it will go next and helping our clients use it to their best advantage.

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Every CORQ subscriber gets our essential daily newsblast, breaking influencer news and showcasing campaigns from the past 24 hours. Through this, our journalists uncover emerging controversies, updates to regulations and reveal what your competition is doing now.

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Understand who and where each influencer's audience is plus get to grips with their engagement rates across multiple platforms from Twitter and Twitch to YouTube and Instagram. Get all the numbers you need to inform your next campaign.

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See future digital first. CORQ’s daily trend forecasts, influencer hotlists and case studies dig into themes and aesthetics set to dominate social media and reference the key influencers driving their upwards trajectories.

Campaign planning

Take the heavy lifting out of influencer discovery. CORQ enterprise clients send their account manager campaign briefs and our journalists find the influencers who align perfectly, delivering lists which explain where these creators’ stories intercept with your brand.

Influencer due diligence

Understand exactly who you are working with. Every influencer curated on to CORQ is profiled by a journalist who uncovers their lives story and reveals red flags that could compromise brand safety. We also deliver deep dive research on a bespoke basis.

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Access our courses in digital marketing, navigating the official guidelines for brands working with influencers stay up-to-date with monthly seminars and tune into our weekly sessions with leading editors to discover how you can get your brand into their pages.

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