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Dréya Mac: Bigger Than TikTok

The 22-year-old rapper tells Noisey about her clime to fame and how she's using her viral TikTok success as a tool to reach international audiences.

Instagram quietly introduces feature allowing users to filter weight loss ads from feeds

In Instagram's latest update, the platform is now allowing users to customise suggested content on their feed.

US midterms: TikTok to clamp down on paid political posts by influencers ahead of elections

As mid-term US elections loom, the social media giant is putting plans in place to prevent creators posting paid political messages.

How TikTok Won Over Fashion

TikTok has fast become first choice social marketing platform for fashion brands, despite competitor Instagram having more users. What's the reason for this shift and how is it impacting influencer partnerships?

Influence by Sara McCorquodale, founder and CEO of CORQ.

“It’s the wild west out there.This book is your sheriff” - The Sunday Times

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what is CORQ?

What is CORQ?


CORQ is the ultimate toolkit for everyone working in influencer marketing, content development, social media and communications. We have a range of packages across our two platforms providing influencer discovery and due diligence, campaign reporting, daily influencer newsblasts, the sharpest data-led analysis and essential trend forecasting. CORQ is staffed by a team of journalists who are dedicated to interrogating the digital space, determining where it will go next and helping our clients use it to their best advantage.

Influencer news & discovery

Use our curated database to find influencers for your next campaign. Every creator is profiled by our journalists so that you can review their data and understand their back story. Also, CORQ's daily newsblast is an essential rundown of influencer controversies, announcements and campaigns from the past 24 hours.

Data analysis

Understand who and where each influencer's audience is plus get to grips with their engagement rates across multiple platforms from Twitter and Twitch to YouTube and Instagram. Get all the numbers you need to inform your next campaign.

Trend forecasting

See future digital first. CORQ’s daily trend forecasts, influencer hotlists and case studies dig into themes and aesthetics set to dominate social media and reference the key influencers driving their upwards trajectories.

Campaign planning

Take the heavy lifting out of influencer discovery. CORQ enterprise clients send their account manager campaign briefs and our journalists find the influencers who align perfectly, delivering lists which explain where these creators’ stories intercept with your brand.

Influencer due diligence

Understand exactly who you are working with. Every influencer curated on to CORQ is profiled by a journalist who uncovers their lives story and reveals red flags that could compromise brand safety. We also deliver deep dive research on a bespoke basis.

Insight sessions

Access our courses in digital marketing, navigating the official guidelines for brands working with influencers stay up-to-date with monthly seminars and tune into our weekly sessions with leading editors to discover how you can get your brand into their pages.

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