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Millennial vs Gen Z TikTok: two starkly different digital cultures

There are a few ways to spot a millennial, from their side parts to skinny jeans, obsession with avocado toast and calling dogs “doggos.” But on TikTok, it’s more obvious than that.  Every social media platform was all once ruled by millennials but since TikTok’s inception, it’s been Gen Z’s playground, with 60% of users

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How brands should utilise Clubhouse by its famous moderator Ashleigh Louise

Clubhouse has ten million weekly active users, according to statistics released by the company in April 2021. This is a steep increase from January when it had eight million, not to mention May 2020 when it had 1500. With growing interest in and usage of the app, it’s no surprise influencers are being born on

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Vive la resistance! The history buffs sharing truths about the UK’s past on TikTok

Growing up history lessons in the UK primarily consisted of the first and second world war, Britain’s victories, and the role of a few peacemakers in allowing us to live in what we’ve been told is now a fair and equal society. I remember Britain always being portrayed as either powerful (the empire) or the

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Daily Breakdown

Your daily culture roundup…

Sorry, Love You, Bye!

"Chronically single" Darya, AKA Tiny Moron, discusses painfully relatable dating dilemmas in her new podcast.

Skincare acid tips, by Taylor Efford

The skinfluencer role-plays as the most popular AHAs and BHAs to help you finally understand what does (and doesn't) work.

Mommy gets home, by Matthew Futrell

A toddler gets excited for his mum to come home and looks both ways before crossing the sidewalk. Simple, but the wholesome highlight of our day.

Influencer of the day: Lydia Dinga

Lydia's extreme house makeover recently came to an end, with the results documented in a 20 minute vlog well worth the wait.

what is CORQ?

What is CORQ?


An easy-to-use platform which helps you find influencers and understand how to work with them in the most dynamic way. Also, understand who is most prolific and trending through our unique algorithm, the CORQ Score. CORQ is staffed by a team of journalists who are dedicated to interrogating the digital space, determining where it will go next and helping our clients use it to their best advantage.

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Stay on top of the latest developments in the influencer space from engagement announcements to controversies and new podcasts. Also, see influencer marketing that's driving conversations via our weekly campaign roundups.

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Understand who and where each influencer's audience is plus get to grips with their engagement rates across multiple platforms from Twitter and Twitch to YouTube and Instagram. Get all the numbers you need to inform your next campaign.

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Access daily trends reports detailing the content, aesthetics and conversations defining social media plus stay ahead of your competition with exclusive insights into where they are going next. See future digital first.

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Send us your campaign briefs and our team of journalists will long-list the most exciting and relevant influencers who meet your requirements, based on the latest news and their research. Our campaign planning work is completely agnostic and driven by clients' needs.

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Search for influencers via key data points but also by their likes, dislikes and life experiences. Every influencer curated onto our platform is researched and profiled by CORQ journalists. Also, find out the influencers they collaborate with using our social-ecosystem tool.

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Access our courses in digital marketing, navigating the official guidelines for brands working with influencers stay up-to-date with monthly seminars and tune into our weekly sessions with leading editors to discover how you can get your brand into their pages.

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