Influencer campaign support

CORQ subscribers can tap into our in-house research team at any point for both ad-hoc and long-term support

From monthly mass gifting activations to fee negotiations for paid projects, CORQ has supported brands and agencies on UK and global campaigns since 2019. Our tried-and-tested approach means subscribers can trust us to get things done if your team is stretched or if you want to trial influencer marketing without increasing your headcount.

Also, because we are experts reporting on the digital landscape every day, you don’t just get task completion – you get insights and strategic advice too. It’s a win for your budget and a fast way to understand how influencers can drive growth for your business.

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What’s included

Whether you’re looking for fitness-focused vegans, fashion influencers over 35, or something even more specific, the CORQ. team are on hand to deliver your influencer discovery needs. Applying our unique proposition of data analysis combined with journalistic research methods, we are skilled at finding talent to match brand and agency briefs. 

Our team provides everything from speedy influencer discovery for last-minute activations to large-scale global research for mass gifting campaigns. We also provide recommendations for brand ambassadors and media companies looking for digital talent to front new projects.

When influencer discovery has been signed off, CORQ’s client services team can then take care of outreach and communications.

Brands receive a timeline for this activation and have access to a live document so that they can monitor our progress throughout the project.

At the end of the outreach process, you receive all of the information requested along with constructive feedback from influencers and CORQ team insights which may inform your next campaign.

Staying within budget can be a tricky, time-consuming task when it comes to influencer campaigns. Our team is experienced in delivering the talent you need within the cost objectives of your campaign.

After discovering talent, we can negotiate fees on your behalf, liaising with their managers and directly with creators to reach an outcome that works for everyone.

In this scenario, by the time we pass talent over to brand and agency teams, all of the nuts and bolts have been agreed meaning you can focus your energy on the creative development of the campaign.

If you’re making a significant investment in an influencer, it is imperative you understand their profile in its entirety. This means a full review of their digital footprint.

CORQ’s journalists are skilled in delivering in-depth profiles exploring influencers’ backgrounds, any past controversies, political affiliations, topical interests and previous brand partnerships. These confidential due diligence reports also reveal existing positive narratives which may mean the influencer aligns even more perfectly with the brand than it first realised. On top of this, due diligence findings include key influencer audience data and metrics showcasing performance of their content.

In short, this consultancy delivers a full, independent picture of a talent based on deep dive analysis of publicly available information. Every finding is accompanied by source links and never based on hearsay. This research gives brands the opportunity to halt a partnership that may implicate them in controversy, or go full steam ahead with complete confidence.