Influencer Discovery & Outreach

Hand the hard work over to a team of dedicated researchers for your influencer discovery and outreach.

Influencer discovery and outreach can be a painstaking and time consuming process. Building out the right influencer roster and sending message after message to secure the collaborations can drastically slow down your campaign roadmaps and become a costly time drain on your resources.

For our enterprise partners, this process can all be handed off to our expert team of researchers and experts who can manage everything from sourcing to outreach to product ordering.

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What’s included

Whether it’s fitness-focused vegan influencers you’re after, fashion influencers over 35, or something even more specific, the CORQ. team are on hand for our subscribers to deliver your influencer discovery needs. Using a combination of our data-driven influencer marketing platform and bespoke research, we can dig out the right influencers for your campaign objectives and target audience.

The work doesn’t stop once you’ve selected your influencer roster. With a host of brands competing for the best influencers’ time and feed, the reality is that influencer outreach can be a bit hit and miss – and therefore probably not the optimum use of your time. Save your to-do list for influencer marketing strategy and let us pick up the slack with our managed influencer outreach. We’ll connect with your desired influencer roster and coordinate the minutiae of your collaborations so you can focus on the fun stuff.

If you’re not put off by a bit of hard graft, or you’re just really keen to keep your influencer selection process in-house then as an enterprise subscriber you’ll still have access to our influencer discovery platform. Offering all of the data you’d expect from an influencer marketing tool but with the important contextual information added, too, our platform tells the story of an influencer beyond the metrics. Understand who sits in their social sphere, what they usually post about, what content drives the highest engagement, and if there are any skeletons in their closet that you need to be aware of.