The CORQ. Higher Education Programme

The resource your students didn’t know they were missing, the CORQ. higher education programme connects students to the creative industries.

Providing crucial digital skills training, and unlocking access to the full CORQ. content library, The CORQ. higher education membership includes daily news, analysis, trends and updates from the digital world right to yours and your students’ inboxes.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, where influencers play an increasingly integral role in brands’ and consumers’ lives, digital literacy and an understanding of the social media landscape will be considered tickets to ride for future workers i.e. your students. And a CORQ. membership is how they get there.

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What’s included

Get a front row seat to the inner workings of the creative industries. Discover how the media, communications, digital and marketing spaces are evolving in the social media age with CORQ.’s inspiring online speaker programme. With the full archive available at any time to students, plus live sessions with leading curators, innovators and influencers, higher education bodies are equipping their students to thrive in a digital working landscape. 

Offering advice on entering and thriving in the creative industries, former speakers include Head of YouTube Originals Luke Hyams, Editor-in-Chief of the Financial Times’ How to Spend It Jo Ellison, Executive Editor of Vice Zing Tsjeng, and bestselling author and screenplay writer Bolu Babalola.

Led by our CEO and founder Sara McCorquodale, a published author and former editor in her own right, these quarterly digital skills seminars ensure that students enter the workfield equipped with an up-to-date knowledge of the social media landscape and the role influencers play in the wider digital experience. 

Available 24/7 online in addition to the live sessions, these masterclasses offer students the most efficient and effective route to digital readiness. 

Universities, colleges and courses that sign up to the CORQ. higher education programme before the end of the academic year will receive five free copies of Influence: How social media influencers are shaping our digital future. Written by award-winning author and CORQ. CEO and co-founder Sara McCorquodale, and published by Bloomsbury, this book is the go-to text for students hoping to understand the current social media landscape and influencer marketing industry.

A full repository of influencer marketing case studies is available to students in the CORQ. higher education programme. Providing an in-depth look into how businesses build their brands through influencer marketing today, these case studies can be used to inform learning and inspire the industry leaders of tomorrow. 

Focusing on both challenger and established brands, our subscribers can learn everything from how Glossier built a billion-dollar business through Instagram to how Warby Parker exceeded growth targets via user-generated content. 

The media landscape has changed dramatically in the last two decades. Where once brands, ad agencies and a few powerful editors dictated the fashions and preferences of a generation, social media has revolutionised and even democratised the act of trend-setting. 

Social media personalities and digital creators hold powerful positions of influence, but this wider spread has created a faster pace to shifts in consumer behaviour – and it’s up to brands, media channels and advertisers to keep up. CORQ.’s trend updates span platforms and niches to offer a holistic view of what’s moving the digital needle now and in the months ahead.