The CORQ. Higher Education Programme

The resource that supports course leaders, researchers and students in understanding and contextualising the digital landscape as it evolves. An insights subscription that drives the thinking of institutions forward.

CORQ’s Higher Education programme drives analysis of media, marketing, communications and brand in the digital age. Our university partners have access to daily features, an archive of intelligence and in-depth quarterly research papers forecasting the internet’s future. On top of this, course leaders and students can subscribe to a portfolio of newsletters detailing consumer behaviour online, trending content and the latest news on how businesses are working with social media influencers. Teaching staff and students are welcome to attend our monthly webinars breaking down digital algorithms, regulations and exclusive insights from industry speakers.

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What’s included

CORQ can be utilised in a number of ways by academic staff and tutors to help students understand the worlds of digital, marketing, communications and media. Access our curated influencer database to run practical seminars on casting digital campaigns, while our trend reports ensure you have current and zeitgeisty reference points for your lectures.

Meanwhile, our data analysis reports shed light on consumer behaviour online, revealing the narratives that are driving awareness and accelerating business growth.

CORQ learning resources can be accessed by academic staff and students either via our platforms or through distribution on your internal systems when you need students to have access to specific reports. Once you are signed up, how you use our insights is completely up to you.

Get the latest digital data and trends everyday via our exclusive news blasts. You’ll learn what consumers want through our bitesize analysis on everything from TikToks driving spend to snowballing niche communities on social to viral content from the past 24 hours.

You’ll also learn about the latest influencer controversies and campaigns. With CORQ’s news blasts, you will have a constant stream of up-to-date and relevant reference points to support your research and teaching.

See our selection of news blasts here.

CORQ’s webinar programme reacts to the digital environment which means academics and students can understand online shifts as they’re happening.

Each 25-minute session is focused on teaching actionable insights, meaning you can tune in and immediately understand how new platforms, trends and behaviours are impacting the business and media environment.

Our programme also features exclusive sessions from expert speakers sharing their knowledge and data, only on CORQ.

See our upcoming webinars here.

A full repository of influencer marketing case studies is available to students in the CORQ. higher education programme. Providing an in-depth look into how businesses build their brands through influencer marketing today, these case studies can be used to inform learning and inspire the industry leaders of tomorrow. 

Focusing on both challenger and established brands, our subscribers can learn everything from how Glossier built a billion-dollar business through Instagram to how Warby Parker exceeded growth targets via user-generated content. 

Read a CORQ case study here.

The digital world is evolving at such a rapid rate that finding considered independent resources, backed up by qualitative and quantitive research can be a challenge.

That’s where CORQ’s in-depth investigations come to play. We produce lengthy quarterly deep dive reports as well as weekly news features serving academics research on the bigger picture of social media, technology and influencers.

See CORQ’s in-depth explainer report on TikTok Shop here.

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