Campaigns Scandinavia: Presenter Gisle Agledahl works with GANT to tap into viral Wes Anderson trend

Posted by Dina Zubi in Influencer campaigns

1 year ago

Welcome to CORQ’s regular Scandinavia influencer campaign round-up, exploring the most impactful partnerships across Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Norwegian presenter Gisle Agledahl partnered with clothing brand GANT to create a Wes Anderson-inspired video. The influencer filmed the video while on a trip to Palma and included footage of the local scenery, food and architecture alongside clips of him in GANT clothing. The Reel was watched 19,000 times in 24 hours, proving that tapping into viral trends can be an effective strategy.

Danish lifestyle creator Kristine Kava collaborated with skincare brand CeraVe to share how she uses its products. In the video, she shows everything her skin is subjected to in a day, from sweat and food splatter to toddler hands and makeup. She used the caption to discuss how she keeps her skin clean and healthy in a busy everyday life with children. Kava also asked her followers to share their best beauty tips.

Swedish parenting and lifestyle creator Nina Glimsell Udovičić teamed up with Pampers to promote its nappies. In the video, she showed her son in its Pampers Premium Protection nappies and discussed the difficulties they have had in the past with leaks during the night. She also talked about the 360 degree fit and comfortable design of the product in the clip, which has been viewed more than 77,000 times. Udovičić regularly shares parenting tips and family content, so the campaign fits in with what her followers expect from her.

Swedish lifestyle creator Therése Lindgren worked with carpenter business Teodors Fjäderfä to build a home for her bunnies. Lindgren’s content often revolves around veganism and her love of animals, and her followers are also likely to share her passion for pets. Teodors Fjäderfä specialises in custom-built pet houses and sheds, and Lindgren is a strategic collaborator for reaching pet owners.

Danish lifestyle blogger Isabella Alberte Hedeager partnered with IT Lagersalg to discuss how she uses her iPad Pro to plan the renovation of her campervan. In the post, she shared how she mocked up the planned interior of the van on her iPad and also provided a discount code for her followers to use. Hedeager shares every aspect of her life with her followers, from caring for her grandfather and giving birth to her first child to clearing out her closet, so it is natural for her to also share the plans for her campervan.

Norwegian electrician Lea Erlandsen became an ambassador for Blåkläder in April and has since been promoting the brand through several posts. Most recently, she organised a competition for her followers to attend the Tons of Rock festival with Blåkläder. Erlandsen shares her daily work as an electrician and talks about being a woman in a male-dominated profession, making her a perfect partner for the workwear brand.

By Dina Zubi, CORQ news and features writer. Picture credit: Gisle Agledahl via Instagram