Platforms roundup 2023: YouTube ad revenue +12.5% YOY and Shorts content drives 70 billion views a day

Posted by Caroline Edwards in News

6 months ago

Headlines from 2023 at YouTube:

  • The platform has 2.7 billion active users worldwide.
  • YouTube’s Q3 ad revenue reached US $7.95 billion (£6.29 billion).
  • It introduced new eligibility requirements for its YouTuber Partner Programme.

According to Alphabet‘s (YouTube and Google’s parent company) Q3 results, YouTube’s ad revenue reached US $7.95 billion (£6.29 billion), up 12.5% YOY. Globally, more than 2.7 billion people actively use the platform, an increase of 3.8% YOY.

Throughout 2023, YouTube continued to focus on its short-form content vertical Shorts, which more than two billion logged-in monthly users watch. Daily, Shorts content receives an average of 70 billion views.

In influencer news, the company lowered the eligibility requirements for the YouTuber Partner Programme in June, making it available to more creators. It also released AI-powered tools for YouTubers, including generated background and a dubbing feature to make videos available in more languages.

Elsewhere, YouTube began limiting the use of ad blockers by introducing pop-ups. People must now either watch ads or purchase a YouTube Premium subscription.

By Caroline Edwards, news and features writer for CORQ.