How to navigate social media algorithms in 2024

#Core skills refresh

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Social media algorithms are often referenced in culture and media as being a mysterious singular force. How many articles have blamed countless issues and trends on “the algorithm”?

The code that decides what users see on social media was always different on each platform. Then two key shifts created a huge ripple effect: TikTok came along and consumers posted a smaller amount of permanent, public content. Social media platforms have become social entertainment destinations and, as a result, we have ended up with feeds which are less driven by what individuals engage with and more defined by what algorithms think you’ll like.

So, how did we go from likes and shares being everything to being served highly personalised feeds of recommendations curated by a machine?

In this seminar CORQ’s CEO Sara McCorquodale explains the evolution of social media algorithms, why these have determined which influencers are successful today and forecast how the TikTok-ification of algorithms will impact the future of social media.