Influencer marketing strategy 2024: Trend forecast to drive growth

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There are many changes brands and agencies should consider when it comes to designing influencer strategies for 2024 but the keys to accelerating growth are this: audience immersion and localisation.

This doesn’t mean building a metaverse and telling smaller stories for smaller groups. It means working with creators to develop audiences into fandoms and getting better at curating content that is relevant to your consumers.

It means reconsidering how you segment your communications and the creators who might best align with each community. It means pinpointing the root of consumers’ passion when it comes to your brand and producing media and events which unite these people, giving them something to talk about.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – there is so much to say about 2024 and CORQ’s CEO Sara McCorquodale delves into our findings with this webinar, which is the partner session to our 50-page forecast on the next 12 months.