Creator adoption of Reels has doubled consumer engagement with sponsored content

Posted by Sara McCorquodale in News

2 years ago

Reels is having a profound impact on consumer engagement with influencer adverts on Instagram, a CORQ data analysis of sponsored posts across 10,000 accounts can reveal.

New figures paint a much more steady picture of what brands can expect from investing in this content, with engagement rates of the top 100 ads in September 2022 generating an average of 4% to 5%. In February, our analysis showed the average of the top 100 adverts was 2%.

Engagement is also much more consistent. Although several influencer adverts went viral in September, leading to enormous consumer attention, the majority of the top 100 most engaged posts generated a rate of between 3% and 7%. In comparison, February’s data was polarised showing a small number of adverts went viral for unpredictable reasons but the majority were being ignored by most social media users.

September’s commercial posts were by creators with real audiences whose followers interacted with the content a positive manner. These influencers also labelled their content with the Advertising Standard Agency’s expected “ad” labels. All of this suggests greater rigour is going into influencer selection and campaign execution, and that creators themselves are approaching commercial work with an increased level of professionalism.

Read on to discover the best performing adverts across three verticals for September 2022.

TOP 10 influencer advert charts

By Sara McCorquodale, CEO and founder of CORQ.