TikTok hair influencers in the UK: leading creators sharing tips, hacks and tutorials on curl patterns, product recommendations and more

Posted by Chloe James in Influencer hotlists

3 weeks ago

TikTok has a hack for everything — and hair is no exception. The app’s hair community (better known as #hairtok) is packed with experts and enthusiasts promising to solve every and any hair woe. With more than 12 billion views to date, their advice holds serious influence. Especially in the middle of a pandemic. 

When the world was shut off from salons and stylists over lockdown, users turned to their favourite TikTokers for guidance. The likes of Brad Mondo — a New York-based hairdresser — became the app’s agony aunt, tagged in countless videos for his tips and reactions to everything from DIY dye jobs, to cutting your own cabin fever-induced fringes. He’s since launched his own hair care brand, XMONDO.

He might be its biggest success story, but Brad isn’t the only one shaping hairtok. On this side of the pond, content creators have kept our hair looking sharp for three lockdowns and months of closed salons. Here are the most influential hair-based TikTokers on the scene.