8 brave influencers sharing their stories of surgery through candid Instagram Reels, YouTube vlogs and TikTok videos

Posted by Emilie McMeekan in Influencer hotlists

1 week ago

Instagram used to be the destination for perfection – remember the early work of The Blonde Salad and Elena Perminova? It was all Gucci and #yachtlife. Then slowly as lives got messier, so did the content: candid became the new aesthetic and the arrival of Stories allowed new interactions. Conversations about anxiety, cancer, fertility and menopause were ignited as users sought connection and influencers created communities. Mental health became a particular focus – and amid the endless threat of Covid-19 these conversations have been more important than ever.

There are also a growing number of influencers who are normalising their physical health experiences by talking openly about surgeries, invasive treatments and recovery. They are photographed in surgical gowns as well as black tie: here are the CORQ influencers who are sharing the view from their hospital beds...

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