Let’s talk about sex: the influencers leading frank and fearless discussions through Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and podcasts

Posted by Emilie McMeekan in Influencer hotlists

2 months ago

Influencers are able to have frank and fearless discussions about sex and sex positivity with their followers – and discussions run the gamut from teenage experimentation and marriage to menopause and LGBTQ+ positive information. Through Instagram, YouTube and podcasting platforms, there are myriad of ways to connect about intimacy, and the audience is there – there’s over 800 comments on Anna Whitehouse’ post, as well thousands of responses to Oloni’s Twitter’s threads, not to mention the numerous sex podcasts popping up.

Brands can support countless people confused and in need of coherent discussion about issues relevant to them, authentically and naturally. Here are the influencers talking about sex on CORQ…

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