UK-based American influencers for Thanksgiving 2020 campaigns

Posted by Lucinda Diamond in Trending Influencers

4 years ago

The UK loves a celebration and any excuse for a good old-fashioned knees up, even if the holiday in question is borrowed from our neighbours across the pond. Thanksgiving (November 26th) will always be an American tradition, but with more US citizens than ever choosing to settle down, study and explore Britain (approximately 200K people), it’s no surprise that around one in six Britons now celebrate the pumpkin-loving holiday. Fervently focused on excessive amounts of food, drink and quality time with loved ones, it’s the perfect opportunity for influencers to try their hand at some of the traditional recipes – turkey, pumpkin pie, green bean casserole – using classic autumnal flavours that evoke nostalgia and warmth. So far we’ve seen the likes of plant-based cook Madeleine Olivia share her favourite pumpkin recipes, including pumpkin hummus and pumpkin cookies, on her YouTube channel, while fellow Brit Tess Ward has also published her favourite Thanksgiving desserts. Meanwhile, chef and farmer Steve Chamberlain throws magnificent Autumn Feasts in November featuring some of his hand-reared produce. But when it comes to the day of thanks, no one does it quite like the Americans. These are just some of the UK-based American ambassadors we have on CORQ…

London-based chef Max La Manna is known for his waste-free recipes and environmental activism, and previously shared a video featuring ideas on how to cook leftover pumpkin from the holiday season. Since marrying his wife Venetia, he now splits his time between New York and London. Also into reducing food waste is Boston-born photographer Jo Yee, who has shared recipe ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers while fellow American Jessica Bride is queen of the stylish food flatlay and it would be hard to rival Amanda Cutter Brooks when it comes to chic tablescapes. For idyllic lifestyle content and an incredibly engaged audience, see former literary agent and Chicago native Jo Rodgers, who is now based between London and Sussex. Meanwhile, Imen McDonnell may now live in Ireland with her family, but this Wisconsin-born cook refuses to forget her roots, and has shared recipes for her pumpkin pie as well as stories detailing her experiences hand-rearing turkeys. Keen to focus on baking content? Look no further than Claire Ptak – Californian, founder of the cult Violet bakery and the mastermind behind the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ wedding cake.

For a more zen approach to the holiday consider reaching out to Chicago-born London-based yoga teacher and fitness blogger Julie Montagu while singer Bethie Hungerford also enjoys sharing recipes through her brand Hunger Mama, and even hosts the podcast Recipes with Friends. If you prefer your autumnal celebrations with a little fire, then who better to turn to than Christian Stevenson, better known as DJ BBQ, who loves to commemorate every occasion with a roaring pit and huge hunks of meat.

What about how to dress for Thanksgiving? The UK’s fashion force to be reckoned with, who happens to be from Florida, is Bettina Looney who also runs a personal shopping service, The Bettina Looney Edit. Poet and author Savannah Brown could be perfect for a lo-fi Gen Z take on style for the holiday while cult hairstylist Jauwara Wauchope – New York native and contributor to Dazed Beauty – would be well-placed to guide Thanksgiving campaign looks. Speaking on creatives, if you’re looking for UK-based American-born photographers, see Dan Rubin and Kristin Perers.