Influencer marketing statistics UK: 10 new data points to shape brand campaigns in Q1 2024

Posted by Sara McCorquodale in News

5 months ago

CORQ’s big data analysis of consumer engagement with influencer content in Q4 2023 revealed clear trends to inform brands’ strategic direction on social. Here are ten statistics from this project – find out more about our data work here.

1. Travel

60% of the most engaging creator travel posts in Q4 2023 were focused on regions and cities in the UK. Number one was Edward Fitzpatrick‘s Reel on the Scottish Highlands. This suggests Q4 is a good time for British tourism boards, resorts, hotels and destinations to invest in influencer marketing. Find out more.

2. Artificial intelligence

Brands should connect on the subject of AI through satire and creative opportunities that people can participate in. The most engaging influencer post about AI in 2023 was Victor Kunda’s humorous Reel on AI cars (18.8% ER). Find out more.

3. Influencer affiliate marketing

Fashion content with discount codes had the highest average engagement rate in Q4 2023 (the top ten posts had an average of 30.6%). Beauty followed with 16.5% while interiors and home had an average of 4.5%. Posts which featured one product performed best. Find out more.

4. Skincare

70% of the most engaging skincare posts in Q4 2023 were in the routine format, suggesting brands should invest in creators who are skilled at producing videos in this style. See Atifa Arshad‘s highly-engaging face shaving routine for reference. Find out more.

5. Ramadan and Eid

Fashion and beauty content that focused on Eid drove an average engagement rate of 7.4% in 2023. Food followed closely with an average of 6.5%. The most engaging post in this vertical was by Nadir Nahdi, who detailed a family “Ramadan treat” recipe he enjoyed as a child. Find out more.

6. Red carpet events

50% of the most engaged posts from the Glamour Women of the Year Awards featured influencers wearing unexpected looks by lesser-known fashion brands. Up-and-coming talent in mainstream entertainment drew interest through wearing heritage luxury labels. Actor Micheal Ward drove most audience engagement through his red carpet look by Burberry. Find out more.

7. Interiors and home

70% of the most engaged influencer DIY content detailed small but meaningful projects. The star of this particular show in Q4 2023 was Nadine Bacchus, who documented how her boyfriend built a garden home office from scratch with no previous experience. The Reel went viral, generating a 396% audience engagement rate. Find out more.

8. Haircare

Haircare brands should commission more relatable and emotive creator content. Two organic posts really stood out in Q4 2023. The first was a “wash day” commentary Reel by Elle McNamara which had a 23.2% engagement rate. The second was a video by Heather James – AKA Bowel Gran – showing her granddaughters doing her hair at home to create a fun look (11.5% ER). Find out more.

9. Fragrance

70% of most engaging creator content featuring fragrance in Q4 2023 was in the “get ready with me format”. These Reels drove an average audience engagement rate of 4.8% and Sophie Floyd‘s video – featuring Liberty London’s Tudor scent – came top. Fragrance brands should collaborate with fashion influencers in Q1 to capitalise on this opportunity. Find out more.

10. Midlife creators

Organic content shows plain-talking transparency is what mid-lifers want – see Stacey Duguid’s post about struggling financially due to the cost of living crisis. This was the most engaged of the quarter with this demographic. Find out more.

Need more influencer data?

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