Pinterest Predicts 2024: 10 food, fashion, beauty, interiors and lifestyle trends set to shape the coming year

Posted by Dina Zubi in News

5 months ago

Pinterest’s annual trend report Pinterest Predicts has just been released and it reveals search spikes, trending topics and how its 482 million users are planning for the future. During the past four years, more than 80% of the platform’s predictions came true, so the report is an invaluable source for determining what’s to come. These are the standout trends for 2024, as predicted by Pinterest.

Key takeaways:

  • For beauty, all things blue, as well as oversized hair will be key in 2024
  • Combat sports are growing in popularity in the fitness space
  • The bow trend continues, and fashion will find inspiration from melty metallics and jellyfish
  • The 1970s aesthetic is influencing wedding trends, and parents will also be looking to celebrate smaller milestones in their children’s lives
  • Kitschy kitchens are taking over the interiors vertical, while food mashups will also be dominant in 2024

Blue will be the colour of the year for beauty enthusiasts. Searches for “fun blue nails” are up on Pinterest by 260%, while “aqua makeup look” searches have increased by 100%. Both Gen Z and Millennials are interested in incorporating blue beauty elements – #BlueMascara is already a hot topic on TikTok, where it has more than 116 million views. Looking for an influencer partner? Eelyse Ship is known for her blue aesthetic and has amassed more than 679,000 TikTok followers through beauty and fashion content.

Oversized is king, when it comes to both hair and accessories. In the hair category, “wavy perm men” searches have spiked by 50%, “big bun” is up by 230% and “big braids hairstyles” searches have risen by 30%, according to Pinterest. On TikTok, #BigHair already has more than 844 million views. Creators known for their big lustrous locks include Charlette Bent-Gayle, Dolli Okoriko, Owen Janes and Mia Maugé.

In the fitness vertical, combat sports will reign supreme and the trend is spearheaded by Gen Z and Millennials. “Karate kumite” searches are up by 190%, “kickboxing aesthetic” has seen a 265% boost, while searches for “mixed martial arts training” have increased by 200%. Boxer Kalia Lai, Olympic boxer Nicola Adams and Elvira Styles, who has been documenting her karate journey on TikTok, would be ideal partners for any campaigns on this topic.

According to Pinterest, the bow trend is here to stay. Jewellery, hair, shoes and clothes – all will be adorned with bows in 2024 as coquette style reigns supreme. Searches for “bow outfit” have surged by 190%, “bow necklace” is up by 180% and “bow crochet” has spiked by 80%. TikTok is already obsessed – #BowDress has more than 30 million views, #BowTop has 8.1M views and #BowHair has been viewed 6.9 million times. Influencers who are fans of the trend include Brontë King, Francesca Perks and India Moon Clifton.

Melty metallics are set to take centre stage across fashion, interiors and beauty. Cool silver tones and chrome are rising in popularity as searches for “nail art metallic” are up by 295% and “aluminium door design” has risen by 70%. Makeup artist Lisa Potter-Dixon would be an excellent creator to tap into this trend – she regularly documents her creative (and often metallic) nail art, loves anything sparkly and also has an interiors Instagram account.

The animal we will take inspiration from in 2024? Jellyfish. Pinterest users are searching for “jellyfish haircut” (up 615%), “jellyfish hat” (up 220%) and “jellyfish lamp” (up 95%). On TikTok, #JellyfishHair has more than 35 million views and creators are showing off their multi-layered and often multi-coloured hair inspired by the animal. Megan Crabbe would be an ideal collaborator for this trend, as would Lulu Trixabelle.

For wedding trends, think all things 1970s – from disco dance floors to hippy hen dos. Pinterest reports a 170% increase in searches for “groovy wedding” and an 80% spike for “retro wedding theme”. “70s bride” searches are up by 50% as well. Looking for engaged creators with a retro-inspired aesthetic? Alice Catherine Haran, Melissa Faulkner and Elle Adams are all in the process of planning their weddings.

Parents will be looking to celebrate the small things in 2024, as they turn their children’s milestones into events. There has been a 40% surge in Pinterest searches for “my first tooth party”, “potty training rewards ideas” is up by 100%, while “end of year school party ideas” has seen a 90% search increase. Family Fizz, Liana Jade Brooker and The Oli Family would be perfect partners for the trend.

For interiors brands, it’s worth keeping an eye on the kitschy kitchen trend. “Eccentric kitchen” searches have increased by 160%, “kitschy kitchen” is up by 75% and “green kitchen paint” has spiked by 55%. According to Pinterest’s report, the trend will be particularly popular among Gen X and Baby Boomers. Colourful interiors creators to look to include Jess Clark, Stephanie Kaluza, Sophia Cook and Helen Sellwood.

In the food world, it will be all about mashups in 2024. There has been a 255% rise in searches for “cheeseburger tacos”, a 165% spike for “carbonara ramen”, and “burger quesadilla” searches are up by 80%. This is likely influenced by TikTok – #CheeseburgerTaco has three million TikTok views and #CarbonaraRamen has more than 55 million views. Food creators known for contributing to viral trends are Poppy O’Toole, Angelo Coassin, Jenna Atkins and William Hughes.

Other trends worth noting include slow and laid-back holidays, an emphasis on deep conversations, off-road camping and adventures, tropical decór, food and fashion, and an increased interest in bodycare.

By Dina Zubi, CORQ news and features writer. Picture credit: Eelyse Ship via Instagram