Q3 sales prove It girls plus influencer seeding is the ultimate formula for making fashion go viral on TikTok

Posted by Caroline Edwards in Comment

2 years ago

There’s a magic formula for fashion on TikTok: influencer seedings and it girls. Here’s how it goes – model Bella Hadid gets spotted wearing a specific clothing item, TikTok influencers move at lightning speed to purchase said item. It goes viral, brands reap the rewards and the cycle repeats itself. 

Technology company Lyst’s Q3 report proves this point and brands need to be taking note. The hottest products on The Lyst Index were either wore by Hadid or part of influencer seeding on TikTok – the report takes into account social media engagement, product views and sales. The conclusion? TikTok’s approval means everything for sales.

Miu Miu ballet flats, the Birkenstock Boston clog and a Prada logo tank top topped the list. For anyone active on fashion TikTok, this shouldn’t come as a surprise – these are influencer staples. They also emphasise a desire for comfort. The Miu Miu shoes resulted in a 1,100% increase in searches, which is due to the fact they have been spotted on some of the most popular celebrities and also, they’re part of the ever-thriving Y2K trend. 

Analysing the report, fashion forecaster Mandy Lee (Old Loser in Brooklyn) noted “no one does luxury influencer seeding quite like Prada. Influencers, you’ve done your job.” Prada is consistently gifting to influencers on TikTok – luxury creators such as Tamara Kalinic and Sarah Lysander have both sported the tank top, and guests wore it to the brand’s Spring/Summer 2023 show in September. This just indicates how much influencer approval can increase the relevancy and desirability of a product. 

So what does this all mean? Besides providing insight on consumer habits and trends, Lyst’s report proves having star power and playing into trends is essential for a brand’s success. Call it the Bella Effect – after all, everything she wears turns to gold for brands. Take it from the brands who know – It girl approval combined with influencer seeding is the ultimate formula for overnight success.

By Caroline Edwards, news and features writer for CORQ.