CORQ’s top 100 most-viewed creators of 2023: Brands want influencers who are experts in a niche

Posted by Sara McCorquodale in Comment

5 months ago

CORQ’s 100 most-viewed creators of 2023 suggests brands are looking for talent who are either experts in a specific niche or bigger names who are publishing influencer-style content, but have a wider media presence.

The majority of people in the top ten have defined the content they create very clearly. Rather than the list being dominated by lifestyle influencers, these creators are consistently tapping into a specific content format, cultural conversation or lifestyle choice.

For example, the majority of food influencers in the top 100 are focused on vegan cooking. Several are educating consumers on reducing food waste and sharing helpful hacks. There is also a trend for influencers specialising in dinner party content. All of this could be linked to the cost of living crisis.

At CORQ, we have witnessed a huge increase in the number of brands that are interested in working with technology and gaming creators, meaning Tomi Adebayo – AKA Gadgetsboy – coming in at number one is no surprise. He actually combines those two requirements brands looked for this year – a wider media presence and a specific area of expertise.

The interesting thing about a tech creator being CORQ’s most viewed is how much this reflects the integration of technology into mainstream news coverage in 2023. The development of artificial intelligence has increased the relevancy of tech news to a wider audience. Understanding how this will integrate into our everyday lives is something many consumers, across all demographics, are trying to understand. Creators like Adebayo will almost certainly help make this information accessible.

So, how was the CORQ 100 put together? For those who don’t know, our Enterprise platform includes a database of creators which is curated by our journalists. Each creator is then profiled by our editorial team so that our subscribers can fully understand the influencer’s story and where their brand fits in. The influencers in our top 100 are those who were viewed most by our subscribers over the past 12 months. As a business, we do not make revenue from campaigns or talent – all of our work is completely independent.

CORQ’s insights first approach ultimately leads to aligned, impactful campaigns and content which is more likely to connect with the creator’s audience, not to mention the wider target demographic.

By Sara McCorquodale, CEO and founder of CORQ. See the CORQ 100 2023 here