CORQ’s top 100 most viewed creators of 2022: brands want partners who are having a cultural impact

Posted by Sara McCorquodale in Comment

1 year ago

CORQ’s 100 most viewed creators of 2022 suggests brands are looking for talent who have a cultural impact beyond their own platforms, as well as exciting new names with strong storytelling ability. The work of influencers in the top ten has become referenced far beyond their immediate audiences as they have developed greater presences in mainstream media through broadcasting, journalism and presenting.

However, they have not let content creation for their own channels slip. While developing their profiles across the wider media, they have launched podcasts, YouTube series, TikToks and taken on dynamic brand work. Stephanie Yeboah, the most viewed creator, has also shared frank opinions and never been reluctant to speak truth to power. Creators being upfront about their beliefs, experiences and principles is a trend throughout the top 100.

The presence of Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe at number three is also significant as 2022 has been a big year for stylists, given much of the world returned to post-Covid normality and news-cycle defining events were back on. Her cultural impact as Stormzy’s stylist is particularly profound but imagery which has gone viral and sparked numerous conversations has been largely down to the talent of certain stylists. See Rebecca Corbin-Murray’s work with Florence Pugh for reference.

Also worth noting is that the creators who have been most viewed on our platform are not always the biggest in their vertical. Those who are telling compelling stories to an engaged audience of 20,000 people are of great interest to brands as they try to get a sense of what consumers care about. The idea that there are always new creators to be discovered is something which drives many in the industry forward.

So, how was the CORQ 100 put together? For those who don’t know, our Enterprise platform includes a database of creators which is curated by our journalists. Each creator is then profiled by our editorial team so that our subscribers can fully understand the influencer’s story and where their brand fits in. The influencers in our top 100 are those who were viewed most by our subscribers over the past 12 months. As a business, we do not make any revenue from campaigns or talent – all of our work is completely independent.

CORQ’s insights first approach ultimately leads to aligned, impactful campaigns and content which is more likely to connect with the creator’s audience, not to mention the wider target demographic.

By Sara McCorquodale, CEO and founder of CORQ.