Rumspringa experiences and discount stores: inside the world of Amish TikTok

Posted by Lucinda Diamond in Trends

4 months ago

It’s official, the most wholesome content online ranks man and dog playing the guitar, toddlers singing along to ACDC, and Amish teenagers on rumspringa trying milkshakes for the first time. It’s the kind of feel-good vibes we all need after the last 18 months, and now our obsession with such carefree viewing has led to the unlikely trend on Gen Z's favourite platform - AmishTikTok. The hashtag alone has about 70 million views, while “Amish” has over 454 million. But it’s not just the aforementioned videos of young members of the community exploring the outside world that’s got everyone hooked, it’s the whole Amish culture - from discount stores, products they sell, watching them build and stories of growing up in or near a settlement.

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