LAPP Leomie Anderson sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion content trends: the formats that snowballed in 2020

While we’re past the stage of 24/7 pyjamas, the coronavirus pandemic continues to influence fashion trends on social media. Forced to curb shopping habits for several months, many consumers used lockdown as a period for reflection on how and where they purchase their clothes. In May, the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers

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Kate Ovens competitive eating

Food trends: influencers and the thriving online competitive eating scene

Internet food trends are rife and compelling: whether it’s the Mukbang (where vloggers eat takeaways and chat to their followers) or YouTubers allowing the person in front of them to choose their order, extreme vegan meal planning or addictive lunch box packing clips. Creators with the best chat, menus and tupperware have become social media

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